NIGER 2020

Promoting Women’s Participation as Candidates in the 2020 and 2021 Elections

Femmes, Actions et Developpement


To advance women’s participation in the upcoming elections as candidates and increase their representation in decision-making. The organization will host capacity-building workshops for women political aspirants to strengthen their communication, advocacy, and campaign strategies knowledge to fill the gaps that prevent them from competing effectively. The grantee will also launch an incubator program to offer peer-to-peer support to women potential candidates. The organization will continue to engage political parties to secure their selection committee’s promise to increase women’s selection as candidates.

Promoting Youth Participation in Peacebuilding

Culture — Art et Humanite


To strengthen youth engagement in conflict prevention and peacebuilding efforts, the organization will equip young people from Tillaberi with conflict management and prevention, non-violent communication, and leadership skills to enable them to be capable members of local peace initiatives. The organization will also conduct a peace forum to discuss the deteriorating security situation in the region and devise local solutions. The grantee will finally produce and broadcast radio programs to raise community members’ awareness about peace consolidation.

Strengthening Young Women’s Engagement in Peacebuilding Efforts

Comite des Jeunes Filles Leaders


To increase young girls’ participation in peacebuilding efforts in Niger and the Sahel region. The organization will host workshop trainings to equip girls with conflict prevention and management, mediation, and leadership skills to enable them to become key actors in peace efforts in their communities. The grantee will also convene a symposium to identify recommendations to restore peace and address women’s limited participation in peace and security. The organization will advocate for an inclusive peace process and will conduct civic awareness sessions on conflict resolution.

Using Data-Driven Approaches to Improve Representation in Conflict-Affected Areas of Niger

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To fill the gap in information about citizen needs and preferences, the Institute will conduct a nationwide poll through which it can help ensure that newly elected officials at community levels are equipped with key information about citizen priorities. The Institute also seeks to increase communication between parliamentary candidates/newly elected officials and citizens in conflict-affected communities, specifically those who have been displaced by violent conflict and who are now living in communities unaffected by the delay in voter registration