Niger 2021

Alliance for African Women’s Education and Leadership, Inc.

Promoting Social Cohesion and Peaceful Conflict Resolution


To promote social cohesion and peaceful conflict resolution in Niger. The organization will conduct a study of existing conflict resolution and prevention of violent extremism programs in the country and use best practices to design innovative training modules that fill existing programmatic gaps. Once validated by a focus group, the organization will offer training of trainers’ sessions on the new modules and a communication strategy for preventing violent extremism. These facilitators will train youth and local leaders in conflict prone communities. Finally, the organization will conduct an awareness campaign to share messages about peaceful conflict resolution.



Promoting Women’s Access to Justice


To educate traditional leaders on women rights and promote access to justice in Mayahi. The organization will promote understanding of women rights by traditional leaders and work with local officials to support the empowerment of women. The organization will help create an enabling environment for increased reporting, referral, assistance and support to women victims of human rights violations. This organization has worked in the community for several years and has earned the respect of traditional leaders who have asked for more information on women’s rights.


National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Strengthening Inclusion and Collaboration to Improve Community Resilience


To strengthen resilience in communities impacted by violence and insecurity, the proposed program seeks to build local elected officials capacity to prevent violent extremist threats, to increase young people’s community engagement, and to improve accountability among citizens, security services, and government for improved security. In working with experienced local partner organizations, the Institute will assist communities in improving local governance, communication and cooperation among those affected by threats to local security. This multi-faceted approach would contribute to reinforcing local governance as well as community resilience to insecurity, further delegitimizing violent extremism.