Nigeria 2021

Access to Justice

Advancing Judicial Reform


To strengthen the rule of law by promoting impartiality, transparency, and accountability in the judiciary. The organization will monitor judicial oversight mechanisms and performance, identifying weaknesses and recommending reforms. It will continue to build a network of justice reform advocates, engaging this community in judicial performance surveys and advocacy initiatives. It will submit network complaints to judicial oversight mechanisms and pursue public interest litigation to promote accountability and transparency.


Anvarie Tech LTD/GTE

Encouraging Democratic Participation in Nigeria through Free Expression


To strengthen youth civic activism to advance freedom of expression, the organization will conduct a public perception survey on the state of democratic participation and citizen freedom. It will use survey findings to inform the training and formation of a youth activist network advancing freedom of expression and assembly. The organization will then assist the network in designing compelling storytelling campaigns that inspire enhanced public participation in civic life.


BudgIT Foundation for Promotion of Information Technology in Nigeria

Strengthening Open Alliance Engagement in the Open Government Partnership


To strengthen civil society’s capacity to promote government transparency and accountability at the federal and state levels. The organization will coordinate civil society engagement in the Open Government Partnership (OGP), with an emphasis on developing and deploying a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework for the National Action Plan II. Throughout implementation, the organization will focus on cross-sector engagement, fiscal transparency, and police reform. It will host capacity building workshops, develop an open government data portal, conduct civil society best practice research, and launch public education campaigns.


Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

Strengthening Private Sector Participation and Capacity to Effectively Support Post-COVID Economic Recovery


To strengthen the Nigerian private sector’s voice to engage government in dialogue on issues related to trade in goods and services under the AfCFTA and the digital economy, to strengthen the private sector’s ability to combat corruption and ensure accountability and transparency in government spending for a more competitive business environment, and to strengthen the capacity of women in the private sector to adapt to the COVID-19 context and continue advocacy efforts. The Center will work with local partners to engage in policy dialogue related to the AfCFTA, advance anti-corruption advocacy efforts, and enhance representation of women and MSMEs in national policy dialogue.


Co-Creation Hub

Limited Tackling Voter Apathy


To combat youth voter apathy and promote voter registration and voting, the organization will identify, train, and deploy election champions who will conduct community voter registration and mobilization campaigns. These election champions will deploy across the country explaining the logistics and importance of voter registration and voting through community events, media campaigns, and the distribution of educational materials. They will complement the organization’s robust digital voter registration and mobilization campaign.


Conciliation Resources

Ra ayin mata: The Voice of Women in Northeast Nigeria Phase III


To strengthen the capacity of women to participate in political and governance processes in Northeast Nigeria. The organization will work with women leaders in communities impacted by conflict to build their capacities as civic leaders and to identify their governance priorities. It will then mentor these leaders as they advocate their policy priorities to community and government leaders to advance gender sensitive governance in the region.


Connected Development Initiative

Open Parly Naija


To increase young citizens’ participation and influence in state government, the organization will support youth civic activist networks to educate and mobilize youth to participate in state elections. It will also guide these networks to monitor state house of assembly performance. These networks will document government performance, facilitate virtual and in person citizen-legislature engagements, and advocate for institutional reforms that promote citizen-centric government decision-making.


Inclusive Friends Association

Participate Today


To strengthen the capacity of persons with disabilities (PWDs) to advance their rights and participate in political processes and to improve government inclusion of and responsiveness to PWDs. The organization will train members of the PWD community in civic and political mobilization. It will collaborate with the electoral commission to ensure elections are accessible to all voters. It will also advocate for the implementation of disability rights legislation and facilitate community-government dialogues on PWD political inclusion.


Initiative for Leadership Development and Youth Empowerment

Strengthening Political Inclusion at the Subnational Level


To strengthen the capacity of youth to participate in politics in northern Nigeria. The organization will conduct a democratic leadership workshop series for young political party leaders aimed at strengthening their commitment to democracy, constituent engagement, and ability to advance inclusion within parties. It will support youth civic leaders as they engage elected officials on community governance priorities. As the 2023 general elections approach, it will also launch voter registration and mobilization campaigns.


International Republican Institute (IRI)

Strengthening Inclusive Party Politics in Nigeria II


To increase opportunities for women, youth, and persons with disabilities (PWDs) in Nigeria, the Institute will support institutional reforms within both major political parties, the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), to guarantee increased representation for marginalized groups in the 2023 general elections. Specific activities will include collaborating with other NED partners in Nigeria on issues of inclusion, outreach by the National Women, Youth, and Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Leaders to build constituencies at the zonal level, national conferences for women, youth and PWD leaders within both major political parties, and the introduction of and advocacy for institutional reforms to increase representation of marginalized groups at the national party conventions.


Organization for Community Civic Engagement

Strengthening Youth Civic and Political Participation


To strengthen the capacity of youth to advance democratic and accountable governance and participate in politics in northwest Nigeria. The organization will host a civic activism skills building workshops for young leaders. It will then mentor these young leaders as they conduct civic education and mobilization events in their communities, launch advocacy campaigns targeted at advancing political inclusion and government accountability, and host town hall and policy events with government officials.


Rule of Law and Empowerment Initiative

Beyond Voting: Increasing Women’s Participation in the Political Process


To strengthen women’s capacity to participate in politics and shape government policy. The organization will host a capacity strengthening training and a political leadership mentorship program for young women. Through community forums and sustained engagement with men and political parties’ leadership, it will cultivate an environment in which women can politically participate at the state and local government level. It will also pressure and support women in government to advocate for gender inclusive government policies.


Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project

Promoting Civic Space


To protect and advance civic space, the organization will document the intimidation and harassment of civic activists and journalists. It will provide legal services to those under threat for freely expressing themselves and pursue public interest litigation to promote these freedoms. The organization will also conduct public education campaigns on freedom of expression and assembly.


The EiE Project Ltd/Gte

MyLGA Project


To mobilize citizens to demand responsive and accountable government at all levels, and to promote local governments’ abilities to meet these demands. The organization will educate and mobilize civic activists at the local level to advocate citizen priorities. It will train local officials on constituent outreach and responsive governance. The organization will support local activists’ advocacy campaigns and facilitate community-government dialogues via radio, social media, and town hall meetings. It will also link local activists to national democratic reform campaigns.


The Future Generation Entrepreneurship Development Initiative (Future Project)

Youth Driven Democracy


To promote youth civic activism and political participation, the organization will sustain its website and social media platforms, where it will share content and launch digital campaigns related to government accountability, voter registration, the electoral process, and civic space. It will complement these digital campaigns with government performance surveys, voter registration community engagements, and citizen-government forums. The organization will also support television programs that serve as a platform for discussing important democratic challenges. All activities will focus on youth civic engagement.


Unchained Vibes Africa

Defending Democracy Vibes


To advocate for reforms in government actions, policies, and laws that hinder artistic expression, the organization will educate and mobilize members of the artistic community to become democratic and human rights activists. It will document restrictions on artistic expression. It will launch public advocacy campaigns, including artistic content, to build a constituency that supports civic space. The organization will also facilitate dialogues between artists, civic actors, and government officials to expand freedom of expression and assembly.