Building Civil Society’s Capacity to Restrain Democratic Backsliding

Reseau des Defenseurs des Droits Humains en Afrique Centrale


To strengthen civil society’s ability to curtail democratic backsliding in seven countries, the grantee will establish a regional human rights defense coalition, train and deploy election observers and human rights investigators, and lead several initiatives designed to increase international awareness of the human rights conditions in Central Africa. The grantee will also conduct a feasibility study for the creation of a Regional Human Rights Resource Center.

Monitoring Human Rights and Advocating for the Respect of Democratic Principles

Ligue des Droits de la Personne dans la Region des Grands Lacs


To monitor and report on human, civil, and political rights violations in the Great Lakes region, the organization will deploy human rights observers who will document the state of human rights in the Great Lakes. In addition, the group will report on the implementation of recommendations from the UN’s Universal Periodic Review of human rights in the Great Lakes.  The partner will share their reports with relevant stakeholders to raise awareness of their findings and of the challenges encountered.