Regional: Southern Africa 2021

International Republican Institute (IRI)

Strengthening Political Parties Through Regional Exchange and Capacity Building


To strengthen political party competition in Southern Africa, the Institute will work with democratically minded political parties to improve their citizen outreach efforts and enhance their abilities to formulate policy solutions. The Institute will also continue to bolster regional political party collaboration and networking to share lessons learned. The project represents a continuation of the Institute’s programming in Southern Africa supported by the Endowment.



Digitizing and Disseminating Legal Information to Empower Civil Society


To promote citizen participation and public accountability in Malawi and Zambia through improved access to legal and policy information. The organization will expand content available on the Malawi Legal Information Institute (MalawiLII) and the Zambian Legal Information Institute (ZambiaLII) platforms; support government efforts toward more effective and accessible information dissemination; and train media and CSOs on how to access, use, and communicate about relevant legal developments.


Solidarity Center (SC)

Trade Union And CSO Regional Advocacy (Lesotho, Zambia, Zimbabwe)


To strengthen trade union capacity in Zambia and Lesotho to promote the rights of workers; to increase trade union-CSO advocacy on socio-economic policies that promote workers’ rights through citizen-based engagement; and to strengthen networking among trade union national centers and sub-regional bodies advocating for worker rights in Southern Africa. The Center will facilitate partner consultations, awareness workshops, and outreach and advocacy initiatives, to strengthen partner collaboration, and advocacy for transparency, public accountability, and public participation in the governance processes.