Rwanda 2021

Conseil National des Organisations Syndicales Libres au Rwanda

Supporting Informal Workers to Promote Labor and Human Rights


To engage the union of informal sector workers to promote labor and human rights.  The organization will first host trainings with state actors to promote the rights of informal sector workers.  The grantee will then host a series of trainings to educate informal sector workers on democratic values and their professional, labor, and human rights.  Finally, the group will conduct advocacy activities to strengthen the laws that protect informal sector workers.

Ejo Youth Echo

Engaging Youth on Human Rights Issues


To raise awareness of human rights issues among Rwandan youth and to train journalists to better cover human rights. The grantee will host trainings for ten media outlets on covering human rights issues in the country. The organization will produce and broadcast two radio programs per month to engage Rwandan youth on human rights and public affairs issues. Finally, the group will train and support radio programs for youth journalists in refugee camps and host communities.

Human Rights First Rwanda Association

Defending the Rights of Sexual Minorities


To reduce discrimination and violence against LGBTQ individuals and organizations. The grantee will host workshops to build the capacity of human rights defenders to monitor, document, and report violations against sexual minorities. The organization will launch an advocacy campaign to promote tolerance within Rwandan society. Finally, the group will provide legal assistance and counseling to LGBTQ victims of discrimination or violence.

Organisation For Peace and Development

Promoting Citizen Participation and Democratic Governance


To promote citizen participation and democratic governance in Rwanda, the organization will first engage local authorities to establish areas of agreement and encourage participation in their workshops. The grantee will then hold a series of large advocacy meetings with citizens at community assemblies from various districts to discuss constitutional rights, the responsibilities of citizens, and the obligation of the state. Finally, the organization will host several workshops on peace and good governance and broadcast quarterly radio debates on these topics.

Rwanda Bridges to Justice

Promoting Access to Justice


To encourage popular and institutional support for improved access to justice and respect for human rights within the justice system. The organization will bolster its network of pro bono lawyers and provide legal assistance to those who are detained. The group will also provide human rights training to key stakeholders within the criminal justice system.

Syndicat des Travailleurs aux Services des Droits Humains

Supporting Human Rights Defenders and Promoting Freedom of Expression


To strengthen the capacity of human rights defenders in Rwanda to promote freedom of expression and opinion. The organization will strengthen human rights clubs on reporting and documentation of human rights issues. They will then document findings and develop policy recommendations and advocate for their adoption.