Defending Freedom of Information and Association

Society for Democratic Initiatives


To promote the freedom of information and association. The grantee will monitor and document human rights abuses related to the COVID 19 state of emergency. The grantee will also submit freedom of information requests to monitor COVID 19 and general government expenditures  and pursue litigation efforts to promote use of the mechanisms within the 2013 Right to Access Information Law.

Enhancing Press Freedom and Legislative Reforms of Media Laws

Media Reform Coordinating Group – Sierra Leone


To advocate for the repeal of criminal and seditious libel laws and to strengthen media sector professionalism. The organization will host four regional consultations with journalists on the repeal process and on modifications to related media laws. The organization will also organize peer review sessions for journalists and radio station managers to ensure that stories meet Sierra Leonean ethics standards. Finally, the organization will review the ethics complaint process. 

Promoting Peaceful and Inclusive Political Parties

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To promote more peaceful and inclusive political parties in Sierra Leone, the Institute will facilitate dialogue among political parties on issues of importance to citizens, helping parties to overcome inter-party tensions that frequently lead to violence. To further support parties’ abilities to constructively address citizen priorities, the Institute will work with the parties to assess their inclusiveness and develop concrete action plans to enhance meaningful participation of women.

Promoting Youth Participation in Local Governance and Social Cohesion Initiatives



To promote youth participation in demanding accountable and democratic local governance and preventing violence. The organization will host two workshops on the importance of youth participation in local governance and the important role that youth play in maintaining peace in their communities. To ensure this message of peaceful conflict resolution reaches the largest audience possible, the organization will conduct an awareness campaign in schools about the importance of non-violence.