Advocating for Inclusive and Accountable Electoral Processes in Somalia II         

Somali Innovation and Development Organization


To strengthen the capacities of minority clan communities in Somalia to advocate for and participate in electoral processes. The organization will train minority clan representatives to identify their priorities, develop advocacy strategies, and organize among themselves to advocate for universal suffrage in advance of the 2020/21 electoral transition in Somalia.

Developing a Framework for Fiscal Federalism

Somali Public Agenda


To enhance financial management by identifying relevant and politically viable models for federal resource sharing in Somalia. The organization will identify a relevant model for fiscal federalism through primary field research, comparative analysis, and engagement with the relevant state and federal authorities. It will develop a brief and full report with recommendations for how to promote its findings. 

Engaging Civil Society in Constitutional and Electoral Processes

Kaalo Aid and Development


To improve the capacity of and coordination among non-state actor associations in Somalia to influence government decisionmaking around political processes. The organization will coordinate non-state actors associations (NSAs) from each federal member state in Somalia to advocate for progress toward comprehensive political reform in Somalia, the forthcoming constitutional review process, and elections.

Enhancing the Capacities of Journalists and Media Houses

Media Association of Puntland


To strengthen media capacity and coverage of governance developments in Puntland. The organization will second in-house veteran journalists as mentors to radio stations in five cities throughout Puntland to provide ongoing technical support and support them to troubleshoot challenges. The organization will also provide limited short-term training on parliamentary and electoral reporting.

Enhancing the Capacity of Female Journalists

Women In Media Initiative Somalia -WIMISOM


To strengthen the capacity of female journalists to conduct their work safely and effectively. The organization will conduct a comprehensive skill building and mentorship program for women journalists in Puntland and Galmudug. It will also develop five monthly public service announcements featuring prominent public figures regarding various democracy and rights-oriented themes, including the importance of female journalists, women’s political participation, and women’s rights.

Enhancing the Credibility of Somali News



To improve citizens’ access to credible, accurate news in Somalia and to improve accountability in Somalia’s federal institutions. The organization will develop a browser extension and news quality rating system to help Somalis identify deceptive or inaccurate news. It will also fact-check viral Somalia-related news stories each week. In continuation of its ongoing work, the organization will also document reports of corruption, identify the geographic areas and government agencies engaged in corruption, raise public attention, and advocate for greater accountability.

Promoting Accountable and Responsive Governance II

Somali Family Services


To enhance citizens’ understanding of democratic values and governance developments in Puntland. The organization will provide independent, balanced reporting on governance developments and promote citizen participation in Puntland. It will develop programming related to political and social developments, governance, and voter education through call-in shows and discussion programs with a priority on youth participation in public life. The organization will also continue to provide support to the Puntland Library and Resource Center. 

Promoting Democratization through Dialogue on Somalia’s Transitional Agenda

Sahan Foundation


To provide a platform for political leaders and civil society stakeholders to support the formation of a credible federal electoral process. The organization will conduct structured dialogue with representatives of federal member states supported by key civil society facilitators toward the development of a model for the impending 2020/21 electoral process.

Public Perceptions of Democratization in Puntland



To gauge public perceptions of Puntland’s progress toward democratization. The organization will conduct public opinion research, including surveys, focus group discussions, and key informant interviews. It will use findings to help inform key political and civil society stakeholders as they design the state’s first local council elections and broader democratization efforts.

Strengthening Policy Development

Heritage Institute for Policy Studies


To promote evidence-based research and policy development in Somalia. The organization will assist government and policymakers in making well-informed decisions by providing objective research and analysis to produce three research reports on relevant political and governance developments, hold six forums to provide a platform for citizen participation and discussion on national developments, draft an annual State of Somalia report, and engage local and international stakeholders in policy discussions.

Voices for Democracy, Good Governance, and Accountability

Radio Daljir


To promote democracy and human rights, strengthen federalism, and encourage public accountability and personal responsibility in Somalia. The organization will conduct radio programs, dramas, public service announcements, and community meetings that promote democracy, good governance, and human rights in Somalia. It will also use core support to conduct special programming on the rights of Somali women and girls, and to build its operational footprint across nine radio station.