Civil Society – The Next Generation

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To harness the enthusiasm of young Somaliland civil society organizations (CSOs) and support their ability to represent and advocate citizens’ interests, the Institute will work with local CSOs utilizing several approaches to build their organizational and technical capacities, culminating in the funding and implementation of small projects. This program aims to enhance the sustainability of nascent Somaliland CSOs by fostering an iterative approach that builds their foundations to receive further funding and implement future projects. 

Enhancing Citizen Participation in Promoting Government Accountability

Institute for Practical Research and Training


To promote citizen participation in decision-making in Somaliland. The organization will launch Taladoon, an open and independent online civic platform that will allow citizens to learn about and discuss political and socioeconomic developments in Somaliland. The organization will also write and post monthly feature articles, opinion pieces and podcasts, and conduct moderated discussions on the platform related to parliamentary developments and active legislation, human rights, good governance, women’s rights, and civic action for the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Enhancing Investigative Journalist Capacity

Somaliland Journalists Association


To build a cadre of capable investigative journalists in Somaliland. The organization will establish the Somaliland Investigative Journalists Network and will organize advanced investigative journalism training and skill development sessions for established journalists from all six regions of Somaliland (Berbera, Borama, Burao, Erigavo, Hargeisa, and Las Anod). The organization will also train journalists from throughout Hargeisa on legal frameworks governing the media and ongoing advocacy efforts to improve the press environment in Somaliland. 

Promoting Democratic Values through the Arts II

Redsea Cultural Foundation


To promote free expression and democratic values through the arts in Somaliland. The organization will provide Somalilanders, particularly women and youth, with a platform to engage the written and creative arts to promote civics, tolerance, and democratic values. The organization will organize a book fair, poetry readings, book launches, film screenings and dialogues to promote shared values, free expression, and democracy in Somaliland.

Supporting Freedom of Information and Independent Media

Human Rights Center


To promote human rights and free expression in Somaliland. The organization will promote human rights and press freedom in Somaliland through public awareness, training, and the documentation of human rights violations. It will focus specifically on building a youth constituency to understand and advocate on behalf of human rights and free expression.