Somaliland 2021

Institute for Practical Research and Training

Enhancing Citizen Participation in Promoting Government Accountability


To promote citizen participation in decision-making in Somaliland. The organization will continue Taladoon, an open and independent online civic initiative that allows citizens to learn about and discuss political and socioeconomic developments in Somaliland. The organization will utilize popular social media outlets to facilitate discussions about parliamentary developments and active legislation, human rights, good governance, women’s rights, and civic action for the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals. It will also organize monthly talk shows with relevant political and civil society actors, academics, and analysts.


International Republican Institute (IRI)

Building Civil Society’s Linkages and Capacities


To support civil society organizations (CSOs) in developing the capacity to evaluate their programming, identify citizen priorities, and successfully advocate to lawmakers on these issues, as well as to support CSOs in building communication pathways amongst themselves to increase their collective influence, the Institute will train CSOs in eliciting citizen priorities, advocacy, and program management, evaluation, and reporting. The Institute will also build productive working relationships between CSOs and lawmakers by initiating working groups between civil society and parliamentarians to capitalize on the motivation of newly elected lawmakers to engage with civil society. Furthermore, the Institute will back CSO program implementation through subawards and support coordination between CSOs to increase their collective influence.


Redsea Cultural Foundation

Promoting Democratic Values through the Arts


To promote free expression and democratic values through the arts in Somaliland. The organization will provide Somalilanders, particularly women and youth, with a platform to engage the written and creative arts to promote civics, tolerance, and democratic values. The organization will organize a book fair, poetry readings, book launches, film screenings and dialogues to promote shared values, free expression, and democracy in Somaliland.