South Sudan 2021

Centre for Democracy and Development (South Sudan)

Women for Sustainable Peace (WFSP)


To build the capacity of women in Central and Western Equatoria states to participate in government decision-making processes and hold government accountable. The organization will support local advocacy efforts to hold the parties to the peace agreement accountable to their obligations and develop the capacity of women in its Women for Sustainable Peace project to promote good governance.


National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Supporting CSO Advocacy for Political Reform


To strengthen civil society’s expertise in political reform topics and improve the dialogue on critical issues for South Sudan’s transition. As South Sudan’s transitional government begins to look toward fulfilling the promise of a new constitution and elections, the Institute will work with South Sudanese partners to develop technical expertise on key political reforms to enact during the transition. A coalition of civil society groups will develop technical papers and build consensus on a slate of reform recommendations for the constitution, electoral law, and political parties law. Through subsequent public discussions, the organizations will raise the profile of proposed recommendations and expand the space for political dialogue. Through their technical work, civil society organizations will be better prepared to take advantage of future opportunities to advocate for political reform in South Sudan.