SUDAN 2020

Access to Justice and Legal Aid in Eastern Sudan

Zenab for Women Development


To provide legal aid services to disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in eastern Sudan, particularly women, and to raise awareness among communities in eastern Sudan about human rights. The organization will empower vulnerable women in Gedaref state by raising awareness about human rights, providing legal aid services to vulnerable women, and raising awareness about the increase in sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Advancing Civic Space and Democratic Transformation

Sudanese Development Initiative


To monitor and make recommendations on the state of freedom of association, assembly, and expression in Sudan and to enhance the accountability and transparency of the Transitional Government on progress towards a constitutional review and elections. The organization will collect data on violations of freedom of association, assembly, and expression; measure the status of civic space in Sudan; propose recommendations to increase space for protections of fundamental freedoms; and track the transitional government’s progress toward elections and constitutional review.

Building Foundations for Peace

Conflict Dynamics International


To support key political actors to develop, have consensus on, and implement an inclusive constitution-building process. The organization will support key political actors to explore and develop accommodating options for governance arrangements for the new constitution.

Civic Labs: Building Capacity for More Informed and Engaged Citizenry

Gisa, Inc


To connect Sudan’s grassroots groups with civic education, media and technology training, and support new arts and culture initiatives through its civic labs network. The organization  will support and expand a decentralized network of civic labs, physical work spaces for young activists to initiate, engage, and collaborate in bottom-up democratic programs. 

Darfur Popular Peace Charter Project

Malam Darfur Peace and Development


To improve civic engagement in the peace process and strengthen the capacity of local associations to organize and implement advocacy campaigns for peace and reconciliation in the greater Darfur region. The organization will facilitate and conduct a series of local dialogues to highlight the root causes of the conflict and provide possible resolutions for a peace charter. It will work with local activists and associations to advocate the peace charter before local and federal policymakers and politicians. 

Developing Transitional Justice

The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York


To promote capacity building and knowledge sharing and foster consensus among Sudanese governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders to support the independent transitional justice process to meet local justice expectations. The organization will facilitate dialogue through workshops, study tours to meet with victims of the former regime to document their justice positions, provide ongoing expert advice and offer consultations between different stakeholders.

Enhancing Democratic Culture among Youth Leaders

Waey Association


To improve the culture of civic and democratic dialogue among politically active youth. The organization will train activists across the country on democratic concepts and rights, dialogue facilitation, negotiation skills, conflict analysis and management, and mediation and support them to hold in-person and Facebook forums on key local and national issues.

Facilitating Dialogue among Marginalized Groups and Supporting Human Rights Defenders

Accountability and Governance 


To support activists from Sudan’s conflict areas to advocate for the inclusion of periphery and marginalized peoples’ issues in transitional government discussions. The organization will support its marginalized peoples’ networks to hold policy development and dialogue sessions to develop a priority agenda for Sudan’s transition period. The organization will continue to provide ongoing legal aid to human rights defenders.  

Forging Social Change 3: Building Nation and Identity

Badya Centre for Integrated Development Services


To promote a positive Sudanese culture and identity that supports peace, coexistence and counters racism, exclusion, and violence. The organization will create and broadly distribute a youth magazine and a short film to foster constructive dialogue about Sudanese identity and peaceful coexistence. The organization will also conduct capacity building trainings for radio journalists and organize solidarity and participatory theater events.

Fostering Inclusive and Accountable Governance

Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs)


To create an evidence base of opinion, experiences, and perspectives on key policy issues, including peace, governance, and economic reform. The organization will develop a multi-stakeholder platform to strengthen inclusive policy dialogue within Sudan’s regional states and between regions and the decision-makers in Khartoum.

Human Rights Monitoring and Advocacy

Human Rights


To increase the availability of reliable information on violations of fundamental freedoms and access to justice in Sudan. The organization will monitor human rights violations countrywide, publish press releases and legal opinions on access to justice and law reform, and issue advocacy briefings and legal interventions before UN and African Commission on Peoples and Human Rights mechanisms. It also will organize an advocacy strategy development workshop for groups working on human rights and draft memorandums to Sudanese government officials highlighting monitoring findings and recommendations to amend restrictive laws and practices.

Mapping Sudan’s Media Sector

Khartoum Media Center


To support the strengthening of independent, professional journalism in Sudan. The organization will conduct a survey of practicing journalists across the country to question their education, training, and point of view related to journalistic practices. It will use the survey results to recommend journalist training programs and share the results and programming recommendations with relevant media stakeholders, media training organizations, and international donors. 

Monitoring and Advocating for Human Rights in Sudan’s Two Areas

HUDO Centre


To document and advocate for improved human rights conditions in the Two Areas of South Kordofan and Blue Nile. The organization will expand its network of human rights monitors in the Two Areas, issue incident reports on ongoing human rights abuses committed by government and rebel forces, and increase its advocacy efforts at the national, regional, and international level to raise awareness of the human rights situation in the Two Areas.

Promoting Investigative Journalism and Access to Information in Sudan

Facts Center for Journalism Services


To improve the quality of investigative journalism and increase access to information in Sudan. The organization will operate a fellowship to provide practicing Sudanese journalists with on-the-job training and experience in investigative journalism and support them to publish their own investigative story. The organization will establish a free website on which it will aggregate and publish a database that provides accurate and up-to-date information on verified government data.

Promoting Peace and Democracy in Sudan

Sudan Future Makers Organization


To support local conversations to develop a shared, nationwide vision for a united, tolerant, peaceful and prosperous Sudan. The organization will survey citizens in each state on their reform ideas. It will convene monthly forums and workshops on recent developments. Inputs from the survey, monthly forums, and workshops will be incorporated into one document about citizens’ visions for a future Sudan and presented to relevant government and international stakeholders. 

Rapidly Responding to Democratic Opportunity

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To bolster the effectiveness of anti-corruption interventions in Sudan. The center will provide rapid support to the reform government representatives and to civil society, both through direct intervention and technical assistance. By deploying resources based on global best practices and tailored to a country at a critical juncture, the center will support pro-democracy stakeholders in Sudan to make critical progress on anti-corruption reforms.

Strengthening Democratic Education in Sudan’s Transition

Al-Khatim Adlan Centre for Enlightenment and Human Development


To increase access to democratic education and information during Sudan’s transition. The organization will train and educate youth to widen discussion of democratic ideals and the importance of gender representation in a democratic Sudan through a series of targeted workshops, public seminars, cinema screenings, and radio and television panel discussions.

Strengthening the Democratic Voices of Youth

Dar Alhadatha For Multi Cultural and Media Activities


To support national dialogues and debates on issues around ideology, religion and the state, democracy, development and human rights. The organization will support and expand its network of democracy-focused reading and discussion groups, publish and distribute four issues of its youth magazine, and conduct capacity building trainings for young activists.

Strengthening the Transitional Government’s Capacity to Manage Citizens’ Interests

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To strengthen the new Sudanese transitional government and increase avenues for citizens to participate in the political transition. The institute will work with select cabinet ministers in Sudan to improve their planning and communications process and organize consultations between government and civil society to build public trust in the government’s actions. It will also assess the role of parties in Sudan. 

Strengthening Women’s Voices in Sudan’s Democratic Transition

Sudanese Women’s Studies Institute


To increase women’s and girls’ intellectual engagement and participation in Sudan’s democratic transition. The organization will publish a series of books and a bi-monthly magazine that will include articles by Sudanese women researchers, academics, and activists on the women’s perspective on pressing social, economic, and political issues facing the democratic transition in Sudan.

Supporting and Strengthening Transition Leaders in Sudan and Ethiopia

Regional Centre for Training and Development of Civil Society


To build transition leaders’ capacity in Ethiopia and Sudan to advance and strengthen the democratic transitions.  The organization will develop an on-line communication exchange platform, support the creation of networks and working groups, and organize in-person meetings with relevant Ethiopian and Sudanese transition leaders, other transition leaders, and subject matter experts to strengthen reformers’ capacity and effectiveness to advance the democratic transitions in both countries.

The Sudan Democracy Action Project

The African Middle Eastern Leadership Project


To educate Sudanese activists in civics, democratic practices, and governing decisions. The organization will develop and implement an online civic education training program for activists in the citizen protest movement. The trainings will focus on leadership, building trust in systems, democratic development, conflict resolution, debate and negotiation, human rights and rule of law, and inclusion. It will work with the Ministry of Youth and other Sudanese nongovernmental organizations to include its training curriculum in their civic education programs.  

Torture Justice and Reform



To support legal reform and accountability for human rights abuses through advocacy and strategic litigation. The organization will work with and support Sudanese human rights organizations, activists, and advocates to engage in policy analysis, strategic litigation, and advocacy to support legal reform and accountability efforts for human rights abuses in Sudan.

Voices: Informing Sudanese Citizens about the Transition to Civil Governance

Stichting Free Press Unlimited


To support Sudan’s transition towards democracy by continuing to inform and facilitate a countrywide public dialogue on important transition issues. The organization will support Radio Dabanga to produce regular features programs on transitional justice, women’s rights, and grassroots’ contributions to Sudan’s transition. It also will support Radio Dabanga’s Audio Headlines and WhatsApp news flashes to increase Sudanese access to independent news.