Sudan 2021

African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies

Strengthening Civil Society Participation in Sudan’s Transition


To facilitate civil society contributions to legal and institutional reform and to promote accountability for human rights violations. The organization will develop an online legal reform tracker, convene roundtables with civil society to develop shared legal reform priorities, and train Sudanese lawyers on strategic litigation and pursue strategic litigation cases.

Badya Centre for Integrated Development Services

Civic Engagement for Marginalized Voices in the Constitution-Making Process


To prepare marginalized groups to understand and engage in Sudan’s constitution-making process. The organization will train community leaders on the principles of Sudan’s constitution-making process and conduct community dialogue sessions to engage citizens in marginalized areas in the constitutional process. The organization will also conduct a media awareness campaign on the constitution and host a national conference for marginalized youth to develop a vision for the constitution.

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

Supporting Transitional Priorities By Combatting Gender-Based Violence And Harassment In The Workplace


To advance women’s empowerment by adopting international norms and practices that combat gender-based violence and harassment (GBVH) in support of Sudan’s democratic transition priorities and to share lessons learned with a global network of partners combatting gender-based violence. The Center will support the private sector in organizing and leading an effort to educate and empower Sudanese businesses to prevent GBVH in the workplace. The Center will form a multi-stakeholder advisory group, support policy dialogue, provide training and resources to businesses, build local coalitions, strengthen connections between business and the women’s rights movement, and share lessons and resources among its global partner network and civil society groups. This pilot project aims at empowering the business community to more actively involve women when working with government, other business, and civil society on solving social and economic challenges within Sudan. Lessons and findings will inform the broader strategic global objective of strengthening democratic governance through advancing women’s vital role in society.

Conflict Dynamics International

Inclusive Governance Systems for Sustainable Peace


To provide technical support to key political actors to develop and build consensus on the options and sequencing of processes for building inclusive governance systems. The organization will conduct workshops with political parties and alliances, civil society, and former armed groups to prepare them with the technical understanding to engage in the country’s constitution-building process and the design of new governance systems.

Democratic Thought Project

Embodying a New Sudanese Social Contract in the Constitution


To support national dialogues and debates on constitutional issues and the development of a new social contract. The organization will support its hundreds of reading and discussion rings to engage in the constitutional design process through its Democratic Thought Project, and publish a quarterly magazine and daily newspaper on democratic issues and values.

Justice Africa Sudan

Facilitating Dialogue among Marginalized Groups and Supporting Human Rights Defenders


To support activists from Sudan’s conflict areas to advocate for the inclusion of periphery and marginalized peoples’ issues in transitional government discussions. The organization will build their capacity to engage in the transitional period, analyze and develop policy recommendations, and prepare civil society for the upcoming elections. The organization will also continue to document human rights abuses and provide legal aid to human rights defenders and victims of human rights abuses.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Strengthening the Internal Coordination Practices of the Transitional Government


To improve coordination and information management within and among government offices at the national level, and between subnational officials and the national government. The Institute will provide technical assistance to select ministries in updating their internal communication infrastructure and coordination mechanisms. Through updated practices, officials and staff will enhance operations and implement their mandated responsibilities effectively.

Project Expedite Justice

Sudan Human Rights Hub


To build the capacity of Sudan Human Rights Hub partners to document and report on human rights abuses and pursue accountability. The organization will provide real-time support and strategic guidance to five partner groups on investigations and litigation that involve atrocity crimes and human rights abuses. The organization will support the groups to identify concrete avenues of legal redress and accountability, advocacy, or awareness, including at the international, regional, and national level for atrocity crimes and human rights abuses.

Solidarity Center (SC)

Promoting the Role of Unions During the Democratic Transition


To bolster an inclusive democratic transition in Sudan, the Center will bring together unions and workers organizations to strengthen their capacity to advocate for legislative reforms that respect freedom of association and fundamental workers rights, and by so doing will support workers to raise their collective voice, represent the needs of diverse workers, including those from marginalized backgrounds, and play a prominent role in holding their government accountable during this critical period of democratic transition.


The African Middle Eastern Leadership Project

The Sudan Democracy Action Project


The organization will conduct civic education training programs and support consultations on the constitution to increase activist and citizen engagement in the reform processes. It will conduct virtual trainings for Sudanese activists; create and conduct a constitution-focused civic education training for Sudanese activists; and support activists to engage citizens in the constitution drafting process by developing multi-media education materials, conducting local consultations, holding a public event with transitional leaders, and creating an online petition platform.

Waey Association

Enhance the Democratic Culture Among Sudanese Youth Leaders


The organization will increase the capacity of politically active youth to advance local and national peace and conflict resolution efforts. It will train youth nationwide in democratic concepts and dialogue facilitation and support them to organize democratic dialogue forums in their respective states to address identified local peace issues of concern. It will organize a joint forum member meeting to share lessons learned and develop a social media dialogue and messaging campaign on implementation of the national peace agreement.


Democratic Governance

Combatting Sudanese Military and Security Economic Companies


To investigate the corruption and lack of transparency in military and security-owned companies and to present recommendations for how to increase the oversight, transparency, and accountability of these companies. The organization will conduct an in-depth investigation on military and security-owned companies in Sudan, hold a seminar to disseminate its findings, and develop policy recommendations for the transitional government. The organization will develop a broad-based coalition and work with its local networks to lead a public campaign to increase the accountability of these companies. The organization has led anti-corruption investigations and campaigns in Sudan for the last decade.