Civil Society Resource Center

The Foundation for Civil Society


To enhance the strength and capacity of Tanzanian civil society. The organization will establish a Dodoma-based Civil Society Resource Center to help Tanzanian civil society groups understand the legislation and regulations that govern them, and assist them to ensure appropriate compliance. The organization will also liaise with government officials to answer their questions about civil society.

Domokaya Satire News

Kengele Media Limited


To provide insightful coverage of current events using humor and satire. The organization will establish a satirical website that will regularly produce articles, cartoons, and video and audio content to provide humorous commentary and faux analysis on current events in Tanzania. The site will seek to engage a broad cross-section of Tanzanians to encourage national reflection and conversation on various domestic developments.

Engaging Youth to Expand Civic Space in Zanzibar         

The Zanzibar Fighting Against Youth Challenges Organization


To facilitate civil society collaboration in Zanzibar. The organization will conduct a series of trainings for youth leaders on how best to comply with the legal framework to promote their rights. It will also organize opportunities for them to advocate to government officials and discuss how the two groups can work collaboratively.

Engaging Youth to Expand Civic Space in Zanzibar

The Zanzibar Fighting Against Youth Challenges Organization


To engage young people in the promotion and expansion of civic space in Zanzibar. The organization will organize two trainings, one in Unguja and one in Pemba, to introduce young people outside of civil society to the legal frameworks governing civic space in Tanzania, advocacy strategies to promote reform, and new media tools that can assist with their efforts. The organization will then connect project participants with civil society groups and media trained under a previous program to identify prospects for collaboration and joint advocacy.

Nguvu Ya Tano (Power of Five)

Tanzania Bora Initative


To expand young people’s participation in political and electoral processes in Tanzania. The organization will develop a comprehensive televised civic education campaign for young people out of school during the ongoing COVID pandemic. Episodes will focus on COVID-related public awareness, civic and voter education, and the roles young people can play in Tanzania’s national development.

Promoting Citizen Engagement 

Tangible Initiatives For Local Development Tanzania


To strengthen the organization’s technical and operational capacities. The organization will enhance its internal capacities by conducting staff trainings related to project management and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and documentation. Staff will use these new capacities to promote citizen engagement in development.

Promoting Accountability through Entrepreneurship

Inclusive Development for Citizens


To strengthen accountability by cultivating a responsible citizenry and promoting active public participation. The organization will will organize entrepreneurship forums for 30 women and youth each in Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Kigoma, Mbeya, and Mwanza. It will collaborate with local officials and organizations to help young entrepreneurs understand how they can work with government to promote a culture of accountability throughout Tanzania.

Public Engagement Program

Inclusive Development for Citizens


To enhance government accountability in Tanzania through enhanced citizen engagement and the promotion of free expression. The organization will carry out an online campaign aimed at promoting citizen participation, accountability, and transparency using social media. The organization will also curate these citizen voices to conduct outreach and advocacy to government officials and policymakers on accountable governance and freedom of expression.

Strengthening Advocacy and Litigation to Defend Rule of Law and Civic Space

Center for Strategic Litigation


To strengthen rule of law and constitutionalism in Tanzania through data-driven advocacy and strategic litigation. The organization will conduct research, improve documentation of developments in Tanzania, conduct advocacy related to its work, and engage in public interest litigation. The organization will also conduct research and investigate matters for potential litigation.