Togo 2021

Plateforme Citoyenne Justice et Verite

Enhancing Citizen Participation in Decentralization and Local Governance


To integrate human rights laws and gender inclusion into the Togolese decentralization process. The organization will develop human rights indicators and monitor the performance of local officials. Next, the group will share their observations and develop a protocol for improved performance. The group will interview members of each commune on the implementation of the recommendations discussed by the monitoring team and nominate the best performing communes at a gala. The organization will solicit youth’s ideas for community development and coordinate the implementation of the best ideas.  Started by a group of human rights activists, the organization has worked on improving transparency and respect for human rights at the local level over the last few years.


Ligue Togolaise des Droits de l’Homme

Promoting Freedom of Expression


To promote the respect of fundamental civil liberties and human rights including freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. The organization will document violations of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly committed by the state and security forces over a three-year period and share the results in a report validated by experts. Next the organization will organize advocacy meetings with relevant authorities and human rights organizations about respecting civil liberties. To share this knowledge with a wider audience, the organization will host a workshop for journalists and produce educational cartoons on freedom of expression.