Togo 2021

Ligue Togolaise des Droits de l’Homme

Promoting Freedom of Expression


To promote the respect of fundamental civil liberties and human rights including freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. The organization will assess the state of freedom of expression and freedom of assembly in the country and share the results in a report validated by experts. Next the organization will organize advocacy meetings with relevant authorities and human rights organizations about respecting civil liberties. To share this knowledge with a wider audience, the organization will host a workshop for journalists and produce educational cartoons on freedom of expression.

Plateforme Citoyenne Justice et Vérité

Enhancing Citizen Participation in Decentralization and Local Governance


To strengthen citizen participation in governance and promote effective implementation of decentralization in Togo, the organization will launch civic education campaigns, including radio programs and documentaries, that highlight the decentralization process and avenues for citizen engagement in local governance. It will also promote citizen monitoring of government performance and facilitate citizen-government dialogues to address governance challenges. The organization will work with local government officials to identify responses to these challenges.


Universal Rights

Advancing Human Rights


To raise awareness about human rights in Togo. The organization will produce content that highlights human rights concerns in the country, which it will share with key stakeholders. The organization will collaborate with human rights lawyers and international human rights organizations to design interventions that assist citizens in addressing their human rights and push for government policy changes that uphold citizen rights.