Uganda 2021

Centre for Policy Analysis

Parliament Watch


To enhance the transparency, accountability, and responsiveness of the Ugandan parliament to the citizens of Uganda. The organization will conduct regular policy analysis of parliamentary priorities and track the work of committees, bills moving through parliament and loans approved by parliament. All analysis and data tracking will be publicly available via its website as well as shared on a weekly basis with ten radios throughout the country for integration into their reporting. The organization will also convene online and in-community discussions between selected citizens and parliamentarians on key issues.

Chapter Four Uganda

Enhancing evidence-based research to support human rights advocacy and litigation


To build an evidence-based human rights research practice, bringing social science methods to social justice work. The organization will establish a research team, build the research capacity of staff, develop new protocols and conduct research into priority areas. This work will provide evidence-based research on a timely basis and inform advocacy and strategic litigation work.

Citizen Report Limited

Inspiring Civic Engagement with Accurate Data and Engaging Content


To inspire informed civic engagement through creative and engaging content presenting data on governance in Uganda. The organization will build a website to be a reliable and accurate digital repository of basic factual data on administration and governance in Uganda. It will also repackage that data into engaging visual and audio content that can be shared across social media and radio.

Creations Forum Afrika Limited

Civic Empowerment for Democratic Participation and Restorative Justice


To empower people of the Rwenzori subregion to build greater civic awareness and demand human rights protection and restorative justice. The organization will document the impact of the 2016 Kasese violence and recommend pathways to restorative justice in advance of the fifth anniversary. It will host 12 democracy clubs to encourage debate of key governance challenges and hold the second Democracy Festival to support creative engagement on civic issues.


National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Promoting Social Accountability of State Resource Management


To promote greater transparency and accountability of management and use of state resources in Uganda, the Institute will partner with organized citizen groups to 1) analyze government fiscal reports, 2) track instances of misuse of state resources and progress of implementing recommended improvements, 3) promote citizen awareness on statutory report findings of the Offices of the Auditor General and Inspectorate of Government, and 4) enhance public demand for accountability.

Open Space Centre Limited

Mentoring Youth Local Government Leaders


To strengthen the capacity of newly elected male and female youth local councilors to participate in local government processes particularly around budgeting and policymaking in Kampala and Gulu. The organization will hold a series of participatory trainings for newly elected youth leaders and provide discussion platforms between these leaders and their constituents to build a culture of accountability and transparency. The organization will hold a camp for youth leaders to share ideas with both youth civic activists and senior politicians.

Public Policy Institute – Uganda

Innovating a Civil Society Election Engagement Platform


To improve the civil society platform’s ability to strategize around the credibility of election administration and law reforms ahead of the 2026 elections in Uganda. The grantee will consult with a broad range of new and traditional civil society actors via community meetings and national dialogues and conduct a participatory political economy analysis to inform the development the strategy. It will also work to expand the platform beyond the current four members to broaden the social rootedness and inclusivity. The grantee is a young but increasingly key thought leader in the Civil Society Elections Engagement Platform, which brings together policy expertise with youth and grassroots organizations.

The Association for Rehabilitation and Reorientation of Women for Development

Empowering Vulnerable Women and Girls in Leadership and Advocacy in Health Budgeting


To empower survivors of obstetric fistula in health budget advocacy and leadership skills to demand governmental accountability, transparency, and prioritization of maternal health services. The organization will develop a civic education and health advocacy curriculum for 100 selected survivors, train them as change agents and facilitate dialogues with key local and national government officials in the health sector. It will also expand its ability to conduct monitoring and evaluation of this new civic education and advocacy work.

Vijana Corps

Reaching the Unseen and Unheard Youth


To extend digital platforms and safe spaces to educate and empower youth to be seen and heard in the struggle for justice and equitable development in Uganda. The organization will establish a Youth Hub in Bugisu sub-region building on learning from two existing hubs and pilot mobile hubs to further extend its work into traditionally excluded areas. It will facilitate creative storytelling and youth activism agents across the country to increase participation in democratic processes.

Women’s Democracy Network – Uganda

Amplifying Citizens Agency, Voice and Effective Participation after the 2021 Elections


To expand the network of citizens, journalists, and community-based organizations with skills to demand adherence to democratic principles from elected and administrative leaders in Uganda’s West Nile region. The grantee will hold quarterly community engagement forums in eight sub-counties and one district forum to share citizens’ demands and emerging concerns with local officials. It will use its preexisting bulk SMS platform to disseminate relevant information and educate citizens on pertinent issues for good governance in their districts and then document best practices of citizen engagement that ultimately enhance participation and positive responses from elected officials. The grantee has long-term expertise in responding to the many challenges to democracy in Uganda and has deep relationships among diverse stakeholders in West Nile.