Zambia 2021

Bloggers of Zambia

Resources Defending Civic Space Online


To defend and expand civic space, digital rights, and free expression. The organization will mobilize citizens to take part in a campaign to defend civic space and conduct awareness and policy advocacy around pending internet regulation legislation. It will produce digital content to promote youth political participation and will maintain an online platform to monitor and inform citizens of key processes taking place in parliament and during 2021 elections.

Chapter One Foundation Limited

Lawyers for Human Rights


To strengthen the policy and legislative framework for democratic governance. The organization will identify and evaluate gaps in the constitution and existing policies that impede human rights, rule of law, and civic space, and conduct public interest litigation and policy advocacy in response. To increase civil society coordination and informed public participation in governance processes, it will organize civic education forums and media programs, provide technical support to civil society coalitions and campaigns, and provide legal services to human rights defenders.

Makanday Media Centre Limited

Enhancing the Media’s Role in Promoting Accountability


To promote a culture of investigative journalism and accountable governance. The project will support journalists throughout the country to seek out and produce investigative stories that expose corruption and promote democratic reforms. The center’s senior journalists will provide mentoring, editorial guidance, and production support to 24 newsrooms in eight provinces and will organize an awards competition to recognize and promote quality investigative journalism. It will also partner with a school of journalism to conduct investigative journalism trainings.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Advocating for Transparency and Accountability in Campaign and Political Party Finance


To enhance the transparency and accountability of campaign and political party finance in Zambia. The Institute will support a local partner to analyze the regulatory landscape in Zambia, develop recommendations for legislation, and effectively advocate to members of parliament (MPs) and other key government stakeholders for strengthened legislation around campaign and political party financing. NDI and its local partner will also engage civil society groups from across the Southern Africa region and from around the world to identify lessons learned and collate a set of best practices to inform future work on campaign and political party finance regulation in the region.