Zimbabwe 2021

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

Strengthening Informal Economy Participation and Voice


To improve the legal and regulatory environment for the informal sector at both the local and national level in Zimbabwe and to increase support for the informal economy among the general population, informal workers, and local and national policymakers. The Center will work with a coalition of informal associations to raise awareness and reform the legal environment to strengthen democratic, social, and economic development in Zimbabwe.


International Republican Institute (IRI)

Promoting Civic Awareness and Action to Counter Disinformation


To promote civil society and citizens' ability to identify and respond to state-sponsored disinformation in Zimbabwe, the Institute will work with CSOs and media partners to increase awareness around false and inaccurate information being disseminated by and through state-sponsored media outlets. The Institute will also foster increased coordination between CSOs and Media and facilitate opportunities for them to engage with international stakeholders to provide accurate, timely information that counters state-sponsored disinformation.


Institute for Young Women Development Trust

Reclaiming Young Women’s Political Participation


To advance young women’s democratic participation and representation in Zimbabwe. The organization will coordinate a campaign to implement gender equality legislation by conducting analysis and advocacy around a draft reform bill, and by educating and preparing citizens to participate in public hearings and policy debates. To amplify the voice of community-level activists in Zimbabwe, the organization will strengthen a network of community-based organizations to carry out joint initiatives and strengthen their organizational capacities.


Youth Forum Zimbabwe

Enhancing Youth Activism for Accountable Governance


To strengthen the capacity of youth activists in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa to participate in anti-corruption initiatives. The organization will inform youth about existing reporting mechanisms and secure methods for sharing sensitive information, develop additional digital reporting platforms tailored to youth, and encourage improved commitment by public institutions to address corruption. The organization will coordinate with the Southern Africa Youth Solidarity Network to develop expertise and joint campaigns among youth activists to take action against corruption in the region.


Government Processes

Security Services Defending Human Rights


To promote a culture of non-violence and respect for human rights within the police service  in Zimbabwe. The organization will strengthen the capacity of institutional leaders to carry out peaceful conflict transformation and protect human rights defenders through a series of consultations and workshops on methods of conflict resolution. The training content will be cascaded and will inform a formal training curriculum.


Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition South Africa Desk

Coordinating Citizen Action and Regional Engagement toward Democratic Reform


To strengthen and coordinate civil society to promote democratic reform in Zimbabwe and the Southern Africa region. The coalition will coordinate its members to promote a roadmap to an inclusive national dialogue and establish a joint charter to defend the rights of civil society amid shrinking civic space. The coalition will provide security and policy advocacy training for its members, undertake a strategic planning process, and strengthen its local administrative structures. The regional office will mobilize regional allies to broaden support for Zimbabwean civil society and pro-democracy campaigns throughout Southern Africa.


Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development Trust

Amplifying Youth Voices for Accountable Governance


To empower youth to promote accountable governance in Masvingo Province. The organization will train its youth network to monitor local government processes, engage with their local leaders, monitor corruption and human rights abuses, and promote community cohesion. It will work directly with local public officials to improve citizen engagement and responsiveness as well as contribute to national local government reform efforts and anti-corruption campaigns.


Zimbabwe Democracy Institute

Promoting Accountability and Citizen Oversight in the Health Sector


To promote accountable governance in the public sector in Zimbabwe. The organization will conduct research and analysis on financial flows involving the health sector in response to recent high-profile corruption cases amid the Covid-19 crisis response. The research will be presented to policy experts and civil society leaders who will develop policy recommendations and advocacy toolkits to promote citizen participation in calling for improved accountability and the depoliticization and demilitarization of public services.


Centre for Innovation and Technology Trust

Enhancing Community Voices through Digital Media


To enhance freedom of expression, access to information, and civic participation in Bulawayo and the Matabeleland region of Zimbabwe. The organization will produce and broadcast news and interviews with public officials and activists, publish investigative stories, maintain a fact checking website, produce a podcast series, create platforms that enhance youth participation in politics, and amplify news and opinions from the Matabeleland region.


Centre for Research and Development

Citizen Engagement in Natural Resource Governance


To strengthen citizen-driven action towards more accountable natural resource governance in Zimbabwe. The organization will work closely with mining communities and civil society coalitions to facilitate dialogue between grassroots activists, policymakers, and companies; conduct monitoring and documentation of human rights violations; and carry out research and advocacy campaigns to expose corruption and mobilize citizen participation in ongoing devolution and natural resource policy reform efforts.


Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum

Building a Critical Mass for the Advancement of Transitional Justice


To promote understanding and implementation of transitional justice in Zimbabwe. The organization will coordinate civil society efforts to promote the implementation of transitional justice priorities, encourage and strengthen the ability of independent commissions to incorporate transitional justice priorities, conduct a media campaign to build transitional justice knowledge among the broader public, and promote peaceful elections through media campaigns and engagement with political parties and traditional leaders.


Zimbabwe Peace Project

Human Rights Monitoring and Documentation


To monitor human rights violations and reduce the impact of political violence on citizens in Zimbabwe. The organization will monitor and document human rights violations in Zimbabwe through a network of community-based monitors. It will strengthen the participation of community-based organizations in its network and develop digital platforms that will improve its ability to efficiently solicit and verify reports and to conduct analysis to map potential hot spots, key actors, and trends.


Magamba Network

Youth Engagement through Alternative Media


To expand opportunities for young Zimbabweans to participate in political processes, and to strengthen campaigns and digital platforms that promote dialogue between citizens and their governments in Africa. The organization will produce satirical and informational digital content and interactive platforms for young people to take the lead in monitoring governance processes and creating original content to promote government accountability. The organization will mentor young activists, civic movements, artists, and civic tech experts, and develop a regional network of political satirists.


Chitungwiza Community Development Network

Promoting Accountability in Local Government


To promote citizen participation in promoting transparency and combatting corruption in local government processes. The organization will coordinate and train community leaders in Chitungwiza to strengthen public financial management and test Zimbabwe’s new Freedom of Information legislation. Through the use of art, comedy, and radio shows, it will conduct public awareness campaigns on access to information and combatting corruption and will prepare local actors to participate in Zimbabwe’s 2023 elections.


Zimbabwe Organisation for the Youth in Politics

Promoting Youth Political Participation and Leadership


To promote peaceful dialogue and youth participation in Zimbabwe’s Midlands Province. The organization will carry out civic education and leadership training and mentoring for youth ahead of the 2023 elections. It will create platforms for dialogue in politically polarized and marginalized rural communities and educate local activists and leaders about legislative reforms and preparations for the elections. It will encourage political parties, elected officials, and traditional leaders to facilitate peaceful dialogue and youth political participation.


Government Processes

Conflict Transformation and Policing


To strengthen transparency and accountability in the security sector in Zimbabwe. The organization will build the capacity of the security services to improve community relations and reduce the use of violence in policing. Working with senior leaders in government institutions, it will carry out a series of trainings in five provinces on community relations and conflict resolution. It will prepare the sector to interact with the Zimbabwe Independent Complaints Commission.


Community Alliance for Human Settlements in Zimbabwe

Strengthening Transparency and Accountability in the Land Sector


To strengthen the capacity of communities affected by arbitrary displacements and evictions to advocate for transparent and accountable land policies in Zimbabwe. The alliance will expand its grassroots movement and train community leaders to engage with local officials and government institutions to challenge corruption and improve accountability and land rights. The organization will conduct workshops, policy dialogues, and media campaigns to influence ongoing reform efforts related to land rights and local government reform.


Habakkuk Trust

Amplifying Citizen Voices in Bulawayo


To coordinate and amplify the contributions of citizens in Bulawayo to local and national reform efforts. The project will launch a campaign to identify the shared values and policy priorities of local citizens, leaders, and civic groups. The organization will hold consultations with citizens and policy experts to produce a charter that will guide local civil society advocacy and engagement with elected officials. It will produce short documentaries and radio programs, organize film festivals, and conduct social media outreach.


Youth Initiatives for Community Development Trust

Coordinating Rural Youth Voices to Combat Corruption


To strengthen the capacity of youth in Mashonaland East Province to participate in governance processes and promote anti-corruption. The project will engage youth, women, traditional leaders, and public officials through workshops, study circles, youth symposiums, and guided monitoring and advocacy campaigns to strengthen their capacity to promote accountability and to engage in local and national reform efforts. It will coordinate with a network of grassroots organizations throughout the country to defend and expand civic space for youth participation.


Zimbabwe Human Rights Association

Building People Power for Democratic Participation and Defense of the Constitution


To strengthen and coordinate grassroots citizen participation in defense of human rights and constitutionalism in Zimbabwe. The grant will support institutional capacity building to enable the organization to carry out its mission to enhance and coordinate grassroots activism throughout the country. The organization will undertake strategic planning, expand its membership, provide training for its local structures, adopt new digital tools for civic education and engagement, and develop programs to foster youth activism.