Algeria 2020

Enhancing Civil Society Engagement

Democratic Ideas and Values


To build the capacity of civic activists and human rights defenders and promote their engagement during the political transition in Algeria. The organization will conduct trainings on advanced communication and advocacy strategies; organize a seminar on themes related to the political transition; produce a memorandum with recommendations and demands; and convene consultations to mobilize and create strategies for effective civil society engagement in the transition.

Laying the Groundwork for Lasting Reform

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To support government and non-governmental stakeholders in engaging around issues affecting citizens’ political, social, and economic well-being. The institute will lead a set of program activities to foster dialogue around priority challenges and to build consensus around Algeria’s future via a roadmap. The institute will also lay the groundwork to promote open dialogue and trust building among key political, business, and civil society players, while encouraging engagement with citizens to solicit input and feedback on the developed roadmap.

Promoting Women’s Rights

Human Rights


To promote women’s rights and access to decision making. The organization will engage civil society organizations working on women’s rights issues, conduct a needs assessment, lead trainings on human rights-based approach and gender integration in decision making, convene a forum on networks and coalition building, and mentor program participants to lead community action projects and advocacy initiatives.

Promoting Youth Leadership

Civic Education


To promote youth civic engagement and build the capacity of Algerian youth leaders. The organization will lead a fellowship program for 20 youth and civic leaders from Algeria that includes trainings, field visits, mentorship and placement with a local organization in Tunisia. The program will also include fellow-led civic action projects responding to a priority issue in their community.