Algeria 2021

International Republican Institute (IRI)

Rebuilding a Culture of Dialogue: Lessons to Learn from Tadjmaat


To support civil society, government stakeholders and citizens in engaging on issues of importance to the communities of Algiers, Bejaia, Constantine and Oran, the Institute will lead a set of civil society trainings and dialogues aimed at building consensus around Algeria’s post-Hirak future. The Institute will lay the groundwork for dialogue and collaboration among key civil society, and government stakeholders, while encouraging the active participation and engagement of Algerian citizens in this process of dialogue.


Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

National Business Agenda to Increase Private Sector Advocacy for Economic Reform


The Center seeks to help Algeria s business champions advocate a modern, open, private-sector-driven economy, supported by responsive and accountable government, to allow citizens to thrive. Algeria s rentier model had provided a strong social net for Algerians, but at the cost of democratic and economic freedoms. With this project the Center, its local partner organization, and its business allies will continue to push for reform, advocating access to small business financing and comprehensive and fair tax reform. They will also educate the public on why these issues matter. These efforts will also help keep civic space open, asserting citizens prerogatives to demand responsive policies from government.


Human Rights

Advocating Transitional Justice


To promote human rights and advocate for effective transitional justice practices. The organization will continue its advocacy program on the plight of the disappeared, document cases of enforced disappearances and draw international attention to them. It will also convene debates and a seminar on the role of women in transitional justice, maintain its research center on the preservation of memory and human rights and continue its radio program on topics related to human rights and transitional justice in Algeria.


Civic Engagement

Enhancing Civil Society Engagement


To build the capacity of civic activists and human rights defenders and promote their engagement during the political transition in Algeria. The organization will conduct trainings on advanced communication, advocacy strategies and political leadership, organize a seminar on themes related to women’s rights and the political participation, and convene consultations to mobilize and create strategies for effective civil society engagement in the decision-making process.