Egypt 2021

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

Empowering Private Sector Stakeholders to Advance Market Reforms IV


To maintain space for the private sector to engage in policy dialogue with diverse stakeholders in an increasingly restrictive environment; to enhance the capacity of the Egyptian private sector to advocate market economic reforms based on rule of law; and to prepare the next generation of public policy leaders. The Center will continue its successful, multi-stakeholder National Dialogue program; support diverse private sector partner organizations to advocate economic reform; and prepare the next generation of policymakers through its Public Policy Excellence Program.


Accountability and Transparency

Enhancing Citizen Participation in Local Governance


To strengthen citizen engagement with local officials in decision-making and good governance. The project will support four popular committees to monitor local government, advocate for solutions to problems faced by their communities, and promote principles of good governance. Local community members will also learn about local administration and election campaign management.


Accountability and Transparency

Supporting Participatory Governance and Accountability in the Education Sector


To promote participatory governance and accountability in the education sector. The project will support and build the capacity of local coalitions to advocate for legislative and regulatory reforms to improve access and quality of education for all students. An advocacy campaign will include a quarterly magazine, public events to raise awareness on recommended reforms, and meetings with decision-makers to discuss possible solutions.


Accountability and Transparency

Defending Land and Housing Rights


To promote greater transparency and community engagement on land and housing rights. The project will monitor, disseminate information, and advocate for greater transparency of public-private development project plans. It will engage community members in identifying alternative policies and solutions and publish quarterly reports and a final comprehensive report on land and housing rights.


Policy Analysis and Public Debate

Building Networks, Consensus and Action for Democratic Reforms


To support civil society’s engagement in shaping a vision and path towards democratization and foster networks of activist groups advocating for a democratic opening of the public space. The organization will convene and facilitate a series of online and in-person dialogue sessions for influential activists representing diverse political views and stakeholder groups including civil society, political parties, professional associations, unions, individual activists, journalists, legal experts and professionals. It will also coordinate and develop the capacity of activist networks to conduct their own initiatives in support of calls for reform. The organization maintains an extensive network and specializes in political and cultural programs in the field of conflict transformation and democratization.


Accountability and Transparency

Building Consensus for Democratic Reforms


To build gradual consensus among diverse actors on key issues and policies related to political reforms and human rights, and to build and strengthen advocacy networks. The organization will publish papers on the most urgent political, economic and legal reforms needed to overcome the current human rights crisis, which will serve as the basis for debate and engagement with civic and political activists. The organization will also train those activists on skills necessary to self-organize, design and implement complimentary advocacy initiatives, and coordinate activities. The organization’s secretariat comprises prominent human rights professionals in exile with extensive global networks and takes a nonpartisan, inclusive approach to dialogue and consensus building to bridge ideological divides.


Accountability and Transparency

Promoting Accountability and Transparency in Local Development


To promote transparency and citizen engagement in decision-making related to development initiatives on public lands. The project will raise awareness of government’s role in development projects, engage citizens, and promote equitable and sustainable recommendations to public land development representative of affected communities. The project will host a series of seminars and produce reports on this issue.


Freedom of Information

Enhancing Media Accountability and Accuracy


To enhance accountability and improve the accuracy and reliability of the media sector. The project will identify and expose false information and hold media outlets accountable through an online digital media platform that monitors and assesses the truthfulness and professionalism of leading online news sites. The project will review and assess online news articles and news outlets and publish monthly evaluation reports on its website and social media.


Shared Democratic Norms

Civil Society Support Fellowships and Dialogue


To provide safe opportunities for democrats-at-risk to continue meaningful civic engagement and preserve the capacity and voice of civil society in light of increasing threats; and to facilitate dialogue among democracy advocates on the future of democracy, civil society and the protection of basic rights and freedoms. The grantee will organize five, eight-month regional or international fellowships for at-risk civil society leaders and facilitate a series of two dialogue sessions each year of the two year project to identify short and long-term strategies to support democracy advocates and advance democratic norms.


Accountability and Transparency

Training the Next Generation of Human Rights Lawyers


To strengthen and expand the pool of lawyers defending civil and political rights. The project will produce legal research and analysis on new laws and amendments concerning civil society and freedom of association, build the capacity of young human rights lawyers on these issues, and support them to provide free legal aid to affected civil society activists.


Human Rights

Supporting Accountability in Informal Detention Centers


To protect human rights and support greater accountability and oversight in detention centers. The organization will conduct an analytical study on the treatment of prisoners in informal places of detention to support domestic and international advocacy efforts. The project will publish, expand, and contribute to the mapping efforts on violations committed in detention facilities. It will also support the development of a new generation of civic actors by training a cohort of human rights researchers and lawyers.


Rule of Law

Promoting Rule of Law


To promote impartiality and transparency in trial processes. The project will provide legal and media support for individuals facing politically motivated charges to ensure due process and the right to a fair trial. Two studies will analyze the legal punishments used in politicized crimes, the laws governing prison conditions and the treatment of prisoners.


Accountability and Transparency

Promoting Accountability in Land and Housing Rights


To promote accountability in housing rights by strengthening transparency around the real estate market. The project will conduct research on entities that manipulate real estate regulations to extract favorable terms, engage in tax evasion through tax havens, and affect affordability of adequate housing. The project will publish and disseminate a report to share with civil society, international organizations, and government officials to promote the report’s recommendations.


Accountability and Transparency

Defending Media Freedom


To defend media freedom and the rights of media professionals. The project will provide legal defense for journalists and bloggers facing legal prosecution because of their work. The project will monitor policies related to freedom of expression for citizens and journalists through an online platform and organize advocacy campaigns around the monitored policies.


Freedom of Expression

Monitoring Press and Media Freedom


To support and defend journalists and media freedom. The project will monitor the rights of media professionals and organizations and issue regular updates on violations and related developments. Monthly and annual reports will inform advocacy and support legal efforts to defend and protect the rights of media professionals and institutions.


Human Rights

Humanizing Human Rights Cases


To humanize human rights cases. The project will collect, document, and make publicly available the stories of victims of human rights abuses. Corresponding evidence about their cases will also be compiled and included for advocacy campaigns and documentation efforts. The project will collect information about victims through primary source interviews and in cooperation with civil society.


Freedom of Expression

Developing a New Generation of Independent Media Professionals


To support and strengthen independent media by building a new generation of independent journalists, particularly from marginalized communities. The organization will train and mentor young journalists and emerging media professionals to produce professional quality media content. The organization will provide material and logistical support for trainees to contribute to or work for independent media outlets or initiatives.


Human Rights

Sustaining Civil Society Organizations


To sustain the work of independent civil society organizations (CSOs) and help them establish alternative methods for continuing their work. The grantee will provide technical and financial support for CSOs based in the MENA region to facilitate organizational sustainability through access to broader CSO networks and stable operating environments.


Accountability and Transparency

Promoting Digital Rights and Freedoms


To identify and advocate areas for reform in the current legal environment concerning digital freedoms. The project will create a legal database that lists the relevant laws and constitutional guarantees and produce contextual reports related to digital rights and responsibilities in the country to help civil society devise targeted advocacy plans and to help media organizations and tech companies avoid legal liability.


Accountability and Transparency

National Budget Monitoring and Analysis


To promote accountability and transparency of the national budget. The grantee will monitor, examine, and analyze the allocations in the national budget. It will produce an annual report and make its findings accessible to national and international organizations, distribute monthly bulletins on key issues and debates related to budget spending and allocation, and advocate for greater budget accountability and transparency.


Political Processes

Enhancing Participatory Democracy


To strengthen local governance and participatory democracy and to defend the rights of civil society activists. The project will train and support local political party and union representatives, volunteer lawyers, and civil society members on strategic litigation and the roles and responsibilities of local citizen committees in addressing local governance issues. The project will continue providing legal support for human rights cases through its volunteer lawyer network.


Accountability and Transparency

Accountability in Access to Health Services


To enhance accountability in marginalized communities’ access to health services in accordance with Egyptian law. The project will inform beneficiaries of their legal rights and required procedures to receive public health services. It will also advocate for the proper application of new legislation on the right to health through civic campaigns, seminars, animation videos, and legal consultations.


Accountability and Transparency

Promoting Better Governance and Accountability of Public Health Systems


To promote better governance and accountability of public health systems at the local level. The project will hold a series of listening sessions with citizens to identify and develop recommendations for improving local health services. The project will also train civil society activists to lead advocacy efforts and convene civil society, experts and government officials to discuss and encourage the adoption of identified recommendations.


Political Processes

Promoting Women’s Leadership in Professional Associations


To advance women’s leadership within professional associations. The project will prepare women professional association members to contest association elections, to lead advocacy campaigns for greater representation in association leadership positions, and to support gender-sensitive policy and budgeting within these syndicates. The project will entail a workshop for women professional association members to share experiences and develop their skills to face electoral and policy challenges within their syndicates. It will also gather syndicate members for a cross-governorate, cross-syndicate annual forum.


Freedom of Information

Human Rights Documentation and Archiving


To strengthen access to information on human rights conditions. The project will collect and archive official, independent, and public records on human rights violations. The project will disseminate three annual reports on the archived information. The organization will also launch a pilot initiative to collect and document similar data for Algeria.


Policy Analysis and Public Debate

Promoting Rule of Law


To enhance knowledge about the application of the law. The organization will study the enforcement of existing legal frameworks to better inform civil society actors and help them navigate the current legal environment. The project will conduct field research in four governorates representing different regions of the country, produce a study on research findings and convene civil society activists, researchers, and legal scholars to discuss the findings.


Rule of Law

Enhancing Rule of Law


To strengthen due process and the right to a fair trial. The project will monitor trials against civil society activists and organizations. The project will publish reports on the trials that highlight the extent to which defendants received a fair trial. The project will also provide legal defense and support for individuals accused of charges related to the freedom of expression.