Regional: Gulf 2021

Universal Rights

Defending Human Rights


To promote and defend human rights. The grantee will work with its network of local human rights activists and organizations to compile data on human rights violations, publish and disseminate reports on human rights conditions, and carry out international and regional advocacy campaigns.

Universal Rights

Monitoring and Advocating for Media Freedom


To support press freedom and strengthen access to independent information. The grantee will continue monitoring and documenting violations against the press and free expression and will publish its findings in an annual report. The grantee’s website will serve as a platform for contributions and publications related to freedom of expression and the press. The grantee will also publish a report on the state of the press and media in the region and recommendations for reform.

Democratic Norms, Ideas and Values

Promoting Political Reform through Open Dialogue


To promote open dialogue among civic activists on democratic reforms. The organization will focus on political reforms on a variety of topics including women’s rights, political freedoms, freedom of expression, and freedom of movement. It will produce online media content on its website and host dialogue sessions focused on these issues.

Democratic Norms, Ideas and Values

Policy Forum on Reform and Political Participation


To promote reform and civic and political participation. The project will maintain an online policy forum on broad reforms including governance, political, and economic reforms. Experts from across the region will contribute to the ongoing debates and discussion on the forum. In addition, the organization will maintain its electronic platform to monitor reforms and produce an annual report on key findings.

Universal Rights

Human Rights Advocacy


To support human rights defenders and activists. The grantee will hold trainings for a network of activists in the region, monitor and publicize human rights violations, provide assistance and guidance to human rights activists on utilizing UN and international support systems, and conduct advocacy campaigns.

International Republican Institute (IRI)

Laying the Groundwork for Multi-Stakeholder Communication and Collaboration


To begin laying the foundation for effective communication and collaboration, the Institute will provide a platform for government and non-government stakeholders in three Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states to discuss priority issues, including economic reform. Through constructive dialogue and consensus-building on potential solutions to those issues, stakeholders will begin identifying opportunities to contribute to the decision-making process in their respective countries, thus paving the way for a gradual shift in sociopolitical attitudes and incremental reform in the region.

Universal Rights

Human Rights Advocacy


To advocate for legislative reforms concerning citizenship and women’s rights. The grantee will conduct workshops for human rights activists and lawyers, hold meetings with Parliament members, civil society organizations and local stake holders, and work with volunteer journalists to monitor and document issues related to citizenship rights. The grantee will also network with human rights organizations internationally to widen the scope and generate support for its campaigns.

Universal Rights

Online Independent Media Network


To promote freedom of expression and provide an independent platform for discussing and debating critical issues related to democratization. The organization will continue its online platform and magazine, which publish articles and reports, including audio and video clips and infographics, on topics related to the freedom of speech, civil rights, judicial reform, unemployment, and political reform in the region. The project will engage journalists, experts, activists, academics, and reformers to write about issues reflecting local interests and perspectives.

Solidarity Center (SC)

New Strategies for Building Inclusive Civic Space


To promote the expansion of civic space in the Gulf region, the Center will develop the capacity of workers in Kuwait and Bahrain, particularly women and migrants, to advocate for their priorities within their union federations, and will support these organizations to build more responsive and inclusive advocacy strategies in the post-COVID era capable of representing a broad range of workers and defending their fundamental rights.

Democratic Norms, Ideas and Values

Supporting Independent, Women-led Media


To support the development of independent and professional digital media and to strengthen women journalists’ production of content in Arabic related to women’s empowerment. The grantee will incubate and build the capacity of a nascent online platform that produces multi-media content related to women’s contribution to economic, social, and public life. The grantee will train and mentor platform staff who will produce original articles, videos, and graphics as well as host training workshops on journalistic skills.

Universal Rights

Human Rights Monitoring and Documentation


To promote and defend human rights. The grantee will work with a network of local human rights activists to monitor and document human rights violations. It will publish and distribute an annual report, provide guidance and support to victims and connect them with local and international human rights organizations, and coordinate with other international human rights organizations on advocacy efforts.