Jordan 2021

Community Media Network

Strengthening Local Media


To strengthen government responsiveness to citizen demands and priorities, particularly at the decentralized level. The grantee will lead a nationwide effort to highlight the needs of local communities through establishing and managing a network of media partners. The organization will lead a capacity building virtual training, hold meetings to identify priority issues with governorate-level organizations, and produce weekly programs highlighting community needs.


Center for Defending Freedom of Journalists

Supporting Media Freedom


To support media freedom and enhance journalists’ understanding of media law. The organization will monitor violations against media freedoms and report on them in two analytical reports. It will complement this monitoring through coaching 10 journalists on Jordanian media law. The journalists will apply their training by producing 10 shorter reports and three visual reports on local economic, social, and political issues. The 22-year-old organization enhances the independence of media in Jordan through professional trainings, monitoring of media violations, and pressing for greater freedom of information.



Enhancing Civil Society Coordination


To strengthen collective action that expands and protects civic space. The organization will facilitate coordination among its members to improve their capacity, enhance their collective work, and improve cooperation between them and their stakeholders. The organization will hold two forums on rights-based issues, conduct training and mentoring on financial sustainability, and lead a public awareness campaign that addresses civil society’s efforts in protecting civic space.


Lawyers Without Borders (LWB)

Enhancing the Legal Environment for NGOs


To enhance civil society’s understanding of the NGO legal environment, promoting transparency and consistency in its application. The organization will analyze and strengthen the legal compliance of community-based organizations, and launch advocacy efforts to highlight barriers to compliance. It will assess participating organizations legal compliance, conduct trainings and awareness sessions on registration and compliance procedures, produce videos to highlight barriers, and publish a policy paper with recommendations on addressing these gaps to overcome legal challenges that prevent registration and activation of CSOs.