Mauritania 2021

Association des Gestionnaires pour le Developpement

Promoting Active Citizenry


To promote good governance and foster dialogue between local authorities and the local population in Rosso and its surrounding villages. The grantee will organize workshops on democracy concepts, communication, citizen journalism, and advocacy. It will also convene two dialogue meetings on local development and governance.


Action Dev

Promoting the Rights of Marginalized Youth


To engage youth and promote the rights of marginalized communities in Brakna and Trarza regions. The organization will lead a capacity building initiative targeting youth, convene roundtable discussions on marginalization and youth violence, and organize a series of awareness and advocacy campaigns to promote dialogue on peace and conflict prevention. The grantee will develop and broadcast short films promoting social cohesion in Mauritania to allow for the exchange of information and experiences between regions.


Mauritanian Center for Research and Humanitarian Studies

Promoting Dialogue on Decentralization


To promote participatory and inclusive governance through dialogue on the decentralization process. The grantee will convene seminars on the potential impact of regional councils and decentralization on governance, and roundtables on governance challenges and opportunities in Mauritania. It will also conduct workshops on the new regional council law for civil society organizations and elected officials at the regional level.


Al-Amal Association for Protecting Mothers and Children

Enhancing Women’s Leadership


To advance women’s engagement in public life. The organization will build the capacity of women civic actors and elected women in marginalized communities of Toujounine, Arafat, Dar Inaeem and Tayaret focusing on leadership skills, women’s role in public affairs, and women’s rights. It will also convene dialogue meetings on those priority issues with local stakeholders.


Association Mauritanienne de Developpement, Recherche et Suivi

Engaging Civil Society in Public Policy


To support participatory, transparent, and accountable public policy making. The organization will engage a core group of experts and researchers to assess national policies and regulations related to health and education reform. It will lead a policy monitoring initiative, organize seminars to discuss the findings and recommendations, publish two memorandums, and convene advocacy meetings with national stakeholders.


Free the Slaves

Promoting the Rights of Marginalized Communities


To promote rule of law and raise awareness of the rights of marginalized groups in Mauritania. The organization will lead a series of workshops on international and Mauritanian laws that protect marginalized groups, train lawyers and journalists on human rights and effective media skills to foster visibility of minority voices and their struggle for justice. The organization will work with its local partners to establish a network of lawyers and civil society to advocate rule of law.