Syria 2021

Universal Rights

Promoting Independent Media


To promote objective reporting on southern Syria. The grantee will provide independent and fact-based news coverage on a wide array of issues in southern Syria, with a focus on security-related incidents and human rights violations. The outlet will monitor and publish developments throughout the province, and broadcast them regularly through its established web presences.

Enab Baladi – Turkey

Strengthening Independent Media


To enhance the emergence of free, independent media. A weekly newspaper and daily online news service will provide independent public-affairs journalism as an alternative to state-controlled and sectarian media sources. The outlet will focus on professionally reported coverage of local political, military, economic, social, and cultural developments.

Universal Rights

Strengthening the Capacity of Independent Media


To strengthen the professional standards and capacity of independent media outlets. The organization will work through its membership network to normalize professional standards within independent media outlets. It will conduct a series of professional development events around the issue of freedom of information and the role media plays in using it for accountability. These will comprise forums on access to information, independent journalism and democracy, and ethical journalism, as well as a workshop on professional media standards.

International Republican Institute (IRI)

Supporting Citizen Voices in the Constitutional Process


To increase the transparency of the Syrian constitutional process and ensure citizen priorities are represented, the Institute will strengthen the ability of Syrian civil society to serve as a link between citizens and the constitutional process and will support Syrian civil society in fostering informed, inclusive dialogue on Syria’s future within and beyond the constitutional process.

Democratic Norms, Ideas and Values

Promoting Democratic Values in Deir Ezzor


To support citizen understanding and action on local priorities during a period of conflict. The organization will lead a youth-centered initiative to deepen activists’ understanding and practice of democracy. It will train the participants in facilitation skills and conduct a series of dialogue sessions on democracy-related priorities for the local community. The participants will apply their training by hosting dialogue sessions with local community members.

Universal Rights

Informing Citizens During Conflict


To provide fact-based, real-time public knowledge and analysis of events affecting ordinary citizens. The project will provide independent coverage in a population center with limited access to credible information of news critical to the general public. Coverage will focus on security, economic, and social developments.

Universal Rights

Strengthening Independent Journalists


To enhance Syrian media workers’ knowledge of source protection and their skills at protecting these sources while producing reliable reports. The grantee will develop an analytic study of the legal and work environment for Syrian media professionals in the country, conduct a roundtable on the study’s findings, and host a workshop with journalists on navigating the varied media landscapes.

Syrians For Truth and Justice, aka Centre Verite et Justice pour le Moyen-Orient

Voices for an Inclusive Constitution


To advance a more inclusive constitution-making process representative of marginalized and minority communities. The organization will lead joint consultation sessions with constitutional committee members, legal experts, and individuals from diverse, yet often marginalized, regions of the country to document their priorities for a new constitution. It will also produce and publish a set of recommendation papers on the issues addressed during the consultations.

The Centre for Legal Studies and Research (Syrian Center for Legal Studies and Research)

Establishing a Rule of Law Culture


To promote the rule of law, particularly the role of a constitution and legal framework in protecting human rights. The organization will lead webinars on accountability, constitutional reform, human rights, and protection of civic space, as well as a workshop on the constitutional process. In addition, it will develop and launch a web platform to promote discussions on rule of law in democratic society.

Universal Rights

Amplifying Civil Society’s Impact


To strengthen the advocacy impact of civil society organizations. The organization will mentor four Syrian partners in designing and implementing campaigns on human rights protection. It will provide direct support, as well as mentor their staff, in the conduct of stakeholder briefings, media engagements, and campaign strategies. These advocacy efforts will prioritize civil society engagement in enhancing civilian protection, bringing justice to the missing and disappeared, advancing child protection, and prioritizing support for community development that emphasizes youth participation.