Tunisia 2020

Advocating Legislative Reform

Tunisian Youth Leaders


To engage civil society youth in monitoring and advocating for legislative reforms. The organization will monitor and analyze bills in parliament. It will conduct workshops for its civil society partners on advocacy strategies, lead advocacy campaigns for reforming the criminal code, convene discussions with MPs and other stakeholders on reform initiatives, and organize a mock parliament.

Coordinating An Economic Reform Dialogue

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To build consensus among stakeholders on the key economic issues facing Tunisia, and the policies needed to address them. The Institute will facilitate a national dialogue on economic reform, and support inter-ministerial coordination through strategy sessions, communications and public relations trainings. It will also engage in public opinion polling, consultations, and policy development workshops with relevant stakeholders. The national dialogue process will serve to build consensus around an economic reform program that addresses the pressing needs of the Tunisian public.

Empowering Marginalized Youth

Maghreb Institute for Sustainable Development


To encourage youth engagement in civic life in marginalized communities in Tunisia. The organization will conduct a series of trainings for local decision-makers and civil society on participatory governance, conduct a survey on citizen priorities, and guide civil society and decision-makers through the process of defining priority areas, and designing and implementing projects to address these issues.

Engaging Women in Local Government

Free Sight Association


To promote women’s participation and engagement in political life at the municipal level. The organization will train a group of civil society actors in the legal and practical issues surrounding women’s participation in public affairs, produce a short film on women’s participation in local governance, and organize debates around the film. The organization will also produce policy papers on obstacles and opportunities for women’s participation in five marginalized governorates, and convene roundtable discussions to discuss the policy papers and advocate for their recommendations.

Engaging Youth in Participatory Governance

Kairouan Community


To promote youth engagement in participatory local governance in Kairouan. The organization will conduct an initial survey of local residents,  workshops to analyze the results of the survey and identify local priorities, hold three workshops to develop and draft suggestions for municipal projects to be included in the municipal investment plan, and advocate for their adoption.

Enhancing Independent Media’s Content Production Capabilities

Association des Journalistes du Site Nawaat


To expand and enhance independent media content development on democracy and governance related topics. The organization will increase and improve its video production and produce short explainer videos as well as longer video segments monthly. The organization will focus its videos and reporting on issues pertaining to democratic development in Tunisia.

Fostering Business Champions, Economic Advocacy and Democratic Success

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To strengthen public-private dialogue and collaboration on economic reform at the regional and national levels; support the development of organizations to advance market reforms and represent business constituencies; and deepen understanding of economic issues and private sector perspectives among Tunisians. The center will help its partners advocate for a better business environment and advance reform recommendations. The center will build the capacity of organizations to work with the private sector on economic issues, and contribute new ideas to Tunisian discourse about economic challenges.

Promoting a Legal Framework for Social Entrepreneurship

Développement sans Frontières Tunisie. Section Tunisie


To advocate for a better legal and regulatory framework for social entrepreneurship and ‘social and solidarity economy’ (ESS)  initiatives. The organization will hold meetings with various stakeholders to discuss the development of a legal framework to implement the new law on the social and solidarity economy. It will also conduct workshops on ESS and the new law for municipal officials, social entrepreneurs, and civil society, and lead an awareness campaign on the need for a better regulatory framework for ESS.

Promoting Accountability and Good Governance

Tunisian Association for the Environment and Nature in GABES (ATEN Gabes)


To enhance the capacity of civil society to advocate for transparency and good governance, and promote social accountability in southern Tunisia. The organization will hold a series of coordination meetings with a coalition of organizations working on good governance in the natural resource management sector, and lead advocacy campaigns targeting MPs and local officials.

Promoting Citizen Engagement in Local Democracy

Association Bledii

Supplement $25,000

To connect citizens to decision-makers and promote participatory local governance in Kasserine Governorate. The organization will conduct a diagnostic study on the needs of three municipalities, develop a joint capacity building action plan with the municipal councils, and hold a series of trainings on local governance and accountability for municipal council members and local civil society.

Promoting Citizen Engagement in Local Governance

Association for Citizenship and Northwest Development


To strengthen civil society engagement in municipal affairs in the northwest region. The organization will lead a capacity-building program for local civil society actors and members of municipal councils on the decentralization process and local governance in municipalities of the northwest region. It will engage program beneficiaries in monitoring local government initiatives and convene a seminar on lessons learned and best practices in participatory local governance.

Promoting Community Dialogue

Association for the Defense of Human Rights


To promote cooperation and prevent conflict between civil society and security forces; and to provide legal support to civil society groups in southern Tunisia. The organization will conduct trainings for representatives of civil society and the security services on the emergency law in Tunisia, convene a public seminar on how the emergency law affects civil society, and train a group of volunteers to staff a legal support center for civil society organizations in the region.

Promoting Data-Driven Local Governance

Association Forum des Sciences Sociales Appliquées


To encourage the use of evidence-based research to promote good governance practices in Tunisia. The organization will carry out a barometer survey of local governance and quality of life in 18 municipalities across the country, conduct trainings for local elected officials on how to use the barometer research to formulate local policies, and draft local reform agendas for their municipalities.

Promoting Digital Good Governance

Tunis Lina


To promote accountability and effective communication between municipal governments and their constituents. The organization will expand an interactive online platform to new municipalities that will facilitate interaction between the municipal council, bureaucracy, and citizens. It will also train municipal councils and staff on the use of the platform and promote its use among citizens.

Promoting Electoral Reform

Chahed Observatory for Monitoring Elections and Supporting Democratic Reform


To promote civil society input into the electoral reform process in Tunisia. The organization will organize consultations on electoral reform with civil society organizations, parliamentarians, and the election management body. It will convene a committee of experts to formulate amendments to the electoral law and conduct a series of awareness raising activities targeting the parliament and other national decision makers.

Promoting Good Governance of Natural Resources

Maghreb Economic Forum


To build the capacity of local civil society in southern Tunisia to promote good governance practices in the natural resource sector. The organization will conduct trainings on access and analysis of open data on natural resource governance, lead advocacy efforts, convene a public event, and propose policy recommendations for natural resource governance.

Promoting Good Local Governance

Institut Arabe Pour la Democratie


To promote participatory governance, including a national dialogue about decentralized governance at the region and district levels. The organization will hold region level consultation workshops bringing together civil society and local government officials to discuss recommendations for the next stages of the country’s decentralization process, organize a national conference on decentralization framework at the regional and district level, produce a final report with analysis and findings, and publish a quarterly magazine.

Promoting Legislative Reform

Solidar Tunisia


To promote legislative reform that protects vulnerable groups in line with the constitution. The organization will convene a series of consultations with civil society organizations representing the rights of marginalized and vulnerable communities; conduct research into which legislative reforms are necessary to meet the requirements of the constitution; and produce at least three policy papers with concrete recommendations to update the legal framework.

Promoting Media Sector Reform



To improve coordination between various stakeholders in the media sector, and support the development of self-regulatory institutions that protect freedom of expression and the press in Tunisia. The organization will convene a series of multi-stakeholder coordination meetings and workshops to improve collaboration between actors in the media regulatory environment; draft codes of conduct and best practices for journalists and judges; train journalists, judges, and MPs on the media regulatory framework; and build the capacity of the press council.

Promoting Peaceful Discourse

Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy in Tunisia


To empower religious leaders to promote a moderate, peaceful, and democratic discourse. The organization will lead workshops on citizenship and pluralism for youth civic actors and imams; and convene regional discussions on key issues surrounding Islam, tolerance, and the democratic state, 10 thematic study days for imams and youth on key issues related to Islam, democracy and tolerance. It will also organize two public events to highlight youth initiatives related to pluralism, countering extremist discourse, and fighting corruption.

Promoting Responsive Municipal Governance

Will and Citizenship Organization (OVC)


To enhance the ability of local elected officials to respond effectively to their communities’ needs, and to improve the ability of civil society to monitor and evaluate municipal work and services. The organization will hold workshops for municipalities on the annual investment plan process, train civil society actors in advocacy and monitoring of municipal affairs, lead campaigns encouraging participation in annual investment plan town halls, and work with program participants to develop an evaluation system to monitor the performance of the municipalities in southern Tunisia.

Promoting Transitional Justice

Association de la Dignite pour le Prisonnier Politique


To strengthen a nascent civil society coalition focused on promoting transitional justice in Tunisia. The organization will hold workshops on strategic planning for a CSO coalition and trainings on advocacy techniques and campaigning; organize regional consultation meetings with victims of human rights abuses; and lead awareness raising activities to promote transitional justice.

Strengthening Natural Resource Governance

Tunisian Association of Public Auditors


To empower civil society to advocate transparent governance practices in Tunisia’s extractive industries. The organization will convene meetings  with parliamentarians to advocate for changes to Tunisia’s hydrocarbon code and raise awareness  about transparency in extractive industries. It will also conduct regional meetings with parliamentarians and civil society on local issues in extractive industries, hold  trainings for the multi-stakeholder group promoting Tunisia’s role in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, and conduct a study on the implementation of Tunisia’s corporate social responsibility law.

Strengthening Youth Participation

Humetna Association

Supplement $25,000

To strengthen youth participation in local governance in Medjez el Bab. The organization will lead a local governance council in monitoring municipal work, produce a monthly report on the performance of the municipality, disseminate monthly videos with local council members discussing the reports, publish monthly policy recommendations, and produce videos on key issues facing citizens in Medjez el Bab. It will also convene a governorate-level council on local governance and organize trainings and roundtables on municipal governance in 12 municipalities.

Supporting Inclusive Governance Reforms



To promote civil society input in the process of drafting legislation relevant to decentralized governance in Tunisia. The organization will engage local civil society organizations in eight governorates, conduct a series of workshops to gain input from municipal councils and local civil society in proposing changes to the legislative framework governing municipal councils, as well as in proposing legislation to organize the first elected regional councils in Tunisia’s history.

Supporting Independent Community Media

Media Development Center


To support the development of quality independent radio stations in Tunisia. The organization will hold trainings for  newly licensed independent radio stations on professional and ethical standards of journalism, the legal framework for broadcast journalism, and sustainable management of a non-profit radio station. The organization will also conduct follow-up visits with radio stations, monitor their output, provide technical assistance and guidance, publish a guide for non-profit radios and convene a final evaluation workshop.

Supporting Innovative Data Journalism

Taqallam for Freedom of Speech and Creativity


To promote innovative and data-driven journalism in Tunisia. The organization will train a group of journalists to create stories using visuals, graphics, and interactive maps to present publicly available data in an innovative, audience-engaging approach. The journalistic pieces will focus on economic issues, politics, parliamentary affairs, human rights, corruption, and important legislation in Tunisia.

Supporting Women’s Participation

Voix d’Eve


To promote women’s participation and advocate for women’s economic and social rights in Sidi Bouzid. The organization will lead trainings for women local elected officials on leadership skills; conduct a survey on the expectations of rural women toward their municipal councils; and organize a series of outreach meetings between members of municipal councils and rural women constituents. It will also convene a coordination meeting between members of municipal councils and local civil society on women’s rights and issues faced by rural women in particular.