Turkey 2021

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

Building Strong Networks Of Change Agents To Protect Democratic Space


To empower civil society to foster responsible, accountable, and participatory governance in Turkey through combating corruption, ensuring access to independent information, and strengthening the organizational structure of business associations. The Center will institutionalize standards of anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance controls. The Center will also amplify the voice of private sector stakeholders by strengthening governance of business associations and foster accountability by supporting a local partner synthesize government data on a central platform.


International Republican Institute (IRI)

Investing In A Democratic Future


To promote political dialogue, policy-driven political debate, and youth inclusion in political decision-making, the Institute will conduct public opinion and policy research and present findings to Turkey’s mainline political parties. The Institute will continue to train young leaders in political and policy skills, as well as reconnect with recent alumni of the Institute’s youth programming. Finally, the Institute will continue to promote evidence-based policy discussion among higher-level political party leaders, and to bring together those professionally engaged in Turkey’s relationship with the West.


National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Promoting Institutionalized Civic Engagement


To promote democratic practices at the local level. The project will assist local government and civic actors collaborate in establishing effective mechanisms for the sustained involvement of civic actors and the public in decision making processes,


Freedom of Association

Promoting Freedom of Assembly and Association


To promote and advocate for freedom of assembly in all seven regions of Turkey. The organization will strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and attorneys to effectively monitor freedom of assembly and build a constructive dialogue between civil society actors and public authorities. The grantee will conduct targeted advocacy in collaboration with like-minded organizations and share its monitoring findings with national and international human rights organizations.


Government Processes

Promoting Evidence-Based Public Policy


To strengthen democratic governance. The organization will study Turkey’s participation and engagement in multilateral mechanisms and institutions and analyze their impact on democracy and governance in the country. The project will focus on multilateral institutions and agreements in the spheres of democracy, human rights, rule of law, economics and international trade, and environmental governance.


Government Processes

Promoting Good Governance


To further democratic governance culture and practices and promote accountability and transparency at local level. The organization will map and assess local governance structures and practices of metropolitan municipalities.  The organization will engage representatives of municipalities, academia, business associations and civil society to discuss project findings, offer recommendations and advocate for reform.


Policy Analysis and Public Debate

Enhancing Youth Engagement in Public Policy


To promote democratic ideas and values and advance public policy debate through digital explanatory media platforms. The organization will collaborate with members of Turkish academia and civil society to produce a series of informational videos explainers and podcasts on critical socio-political issues in Turkey. In addition, the grantee will organize online debates on democracy-related topics of interest to youth. It will also publish regular infographic and textual content on its Instagram account.


Political Processes

Developing and Advocating Roadmaps for Institutional Reform


To strengthen the rule of law and promote good governance and accountability by advocating for structural reforms in key institutions and legislation. The organization will focus specifically on reforms related to legislative oversight, the executive branch, the political party law, electoral law, and constitution-making process. The grantee will hold a series of workshops and public events, publish reports, and lead advocacy efforts that include a media campaign and targeted stakeholder outreach.


Freedom of Expression

Strengthening Free Expression and Media Independence


To promote and defend independent media and free expression. A web platform will serve as a community bulletin board for journalists and concerned citizens to inform and debate the conditions of independent media in Turkey. The platform will commission articles by freelance journalists on topics related to press freedom and journalists’ challenges.