West Bank / Gaza 2020

Advancing Social Accountability

Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution


To promote national government accountability through youth engagement in monitoring and assessing government performance in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The grantee will advance social accountability and democratic reform through mentoring three youth watchdog teams and assessing the performance of the Ministry of Social Development’s juvenile services in the Gaza, Nablus, and Hebron governorates.

Advancing the Leadership of Palestinian Women in the Economy and Civic Life

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To advance women’s leadership in the market economy and civic life through issue advocacy and associational excellence. The Center will support its partner organization’s thought leadership and advocacy around reform priorities to improve the business-enabling environment for women entrepreneurs, while fostering cooperation within civil society to enhance the association’s representational role. The Center will build capacity within the partner organization to seize strategic opportunities and strengthen a sustainable membership model to achieve financial and organizational independence.

Civic Education Corps

PalThink for Strategic Studies


To strengthen democratic values and understanding among youth leaders in the Gaza Strip. The organization will lead a seminar and training series for a cohort of intellectually driven young men and women. It will then mentor them as they identify, develop and conduct community initiatives reflective of this training.

Civic Engagement and Accountability in Gaza

Civitas Institute


To engage youth in civic action, oversight of public spending, and interaction with local representatives. The organization will lead capacity-building courses on transparency and good governance, support trainees to develop social audit reports, and produce video clips highlighting the reports’ findings. The organization will also host public dialogue meetings and conduct private meetings with stakeholders to follow-up report recommendations.

Expanding Democracy and a Civic Culture through Education

Human Rights and Democracy Media Center (Shams)


To promote democratic and human rights values and norms within Sharia colleges in the West Bank. The grantee will conduct a series of workshops on tolerance and citizenship for students at Sharia universities, lead capacity-building workshops for Sharia teachers, mentor and remotely assist the trained teachers as they lead subsequent classroom lectures to continue and deepen those discussions, and continue to advocate for amending curriculum to include democratic values.

Female Journalists Club



To strengthen the role of female journalists in Palestinian media and public life. The grantee will conduct a comprehensive study on women in the media sector, lead dialogue sessions with stakeholders on relevant political and social issues, conduct workshops on skills training, and support stories developed and produced by its members.

Holding Public Officials Accountable

Safad Advertising Company (Wattan TV)

Supplement $30,600

To promote government accountability to the media and its viewing audience. With advertising revenues diminishing during the pandemic, the organization will maintain two months’ broadcast of its daily news coverage, including hourly news summaries, and continuous updates to its primary website, www.wattan.tv. The station’s 18-person news team comprises four news editor producers, two senior news editors, four reporters, four cameramen, two video editors, three presenters, and a webmaster.

Promoting Democratic Elections

The Arab World Democracy and Electoral Monitor


To strengthen government representation of and response to citizens’ needs and priorities in the West Bank through elections and electoral reform at the national and local levels. The grantee will host West Bank and Gaza national  workshops on youth participation in elections, national advocacy campaign, and launch an online newsletter to publish election related updates.

Promoting Youth Leadership through Debates

The General Union of Cultural Centers


To promote the role of youth in civic and public life as part of Palestinian reform efforts. The organization will work with its established 40-member Leadership Youth Committee for youth inclusion in Palestinian initiatives. The group will train youth members of its union on debates, and mentor them as they organize local debates among youth that emphasize their policy priorities.

Strengthening Youth Engagement in Civic and Political Processes

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To enhance youths’ knowledge of and participation in political and civic processes. The Institute will continue its youth civic education program, Ana Usharek, across universities in the West Bank. Students will apply skills from Ana Usharek to convene a Palestinian National Priorities Forum and present policy proposals to a panel of leading local experts and officials. The Institute will also provide technical and financial support to a local civil society partner to lead youth-driven local advocacy campaigns and community activities to strengthen municipal accountability.