West Bank / Gaza 2021

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

Advancing the Leadership of Palestinian Women in the Economy and Civic Life II


To advance women’s leadership in the economy and civic life through issue advocacy and associational excellence. The organization will support partner’s advocacy around reform priorities to improve the business enabling environment for Palestinian women entrepreneurs, particularly in light of COVID-19. It will also strengthen capacity within the partner organization to enhance the association’s representational role and optimize its membership model to advance organizational sustainability. The Center will also explore new partnership opportunities in the Palestinian Territories.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Encouraging Youth Leadership in Political Life


To equip young Palestinians to demand and deliver political accountability through civic and political processes. The Institute will continue implementing its university-based youth civic education and community advocacy programs at partner campuses in the West Bank and expand its community-based program to facilitate civic learning and dialogue among a wider youth base. The Institute also will initiate a political leadership academy and facilitate peer-to-peer mentorship to build the capacity of young political actors to take on leadership positions in emerging and reformist political groups and to ultimately strengthen accountable democratic governance.

PalThink for Strategic Studies

Civic Education Corps


To strengthen democratic values and understanding among youth leaders in the Gaza Strip. The organization will lead a training series for a cohort of intellectually driven young men and women. It will then mentor them as they identify, develop and conduct community initiatives reflective of this training. The youth will rely on discussions in their initiatives to produce policy papers that address community issues and needs.

Safad Advertising Company (Wattan TV)

Holding Public Officials Accountable


To promote government accountability to the media and its viewing audience. The grantee will produce and broadcast 48 episodes of a hard-talk television program. The 50-minute recorded program, which will start its twelfth and thirteenth seasons, addresses accountability of the Palestinian Authority in ministries and municipalities, as well as civil society representatives and decision-makers in political, economic, and social realms.