2017 Democracy Award: Five Anti-Corruption Activists Honored

Denys Bihus, Ukraine

Denys Bihus leads TOM 14, a group of professional investigative journalists in Ukraine.  In 2013, Bihus launched a very popular anti-corruption television program, Nashi Hroshi (Our Money).  The program was initially broadcast and financially supported by a private television channel (ZIK), but was dropped in May 2016 because the team was investigating several cases that could have hurt the interests of the channel’s owners and their business partners. The show has been very popular and influential and its investigations have led to the firing and prosecution of government and law enforcement officials. TOM 14’s journalists have won numerous domestic and international awards.  In addition to leading the TOM 14 team and hosting the show, Bihus also coordinates the activities of thousands of volunteers, known as the “Kantselyarska Sotnya” (“The White Collar Hundred”), who are restoring documents shredded by the team of Former Ukrainian President Yanukovych.

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