June 13, 2018

Beyond Pyongyang: Connecting with the People of North Korea

08:30 AM - 12:00 PM

NED hosted a discussion of recent developments featuring the insights of key policy makers and experts in U.S. – DPRK relations, as well as the recipients of NED’s 2018 Democracy Award. These activists discussed how exposure to and engagement with the outside world is changing North Korea from the inside, and what that change means for the future of North Korea and its people.


Grantee Spotlight: INCITEGov

The International Center for Innovation, Transformation and Excellence in Governance (INCITEGov) brings the knowledge and insights of experienced policy experts and former government officials to bear on the...


Grantee Spotlight: Press Start to Fund Independent Media

Press Start, partially funded by a NED grant, connects journalists seeking to report stories important to their communities with people around the world who believe in a free press and appreciate its importance...


Grantee Spotlight: Stevan Dojcinovic and KRIK Earn Global Journalism Award

Congratulations to Stevan Dojcinovic, Editor-in-Chief of the Crime and Corruption Reporting Network (KRIK) and National Endowment for Democracy grantee for winning an international Award for Investigative Journalism.