WATCH: Stories from the Powerful Citizen Movement to Defend Ukraine

On June 8, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) honored four partner organizations that are part of a powerful citizen movement to defend Ukraine with the 2022 NED Democracy Award: the Anti-Corruption Action Center;  Center for Civil Liberties; Public Interest Journalism Lab; and the Ukrainian Volunteer Service. 

Watch the videos below to learn how these Ukrainian civil society groups continue their critical work advancing and protecting human rights, demanding accountability, strengthening independent media, and mobilizing support for their country during a harrowing time of war. 

Anti-Corruption Action Center 

The Anti-Corruption Action Center (AntAC) was on the frontlines of the reform movement fighting for transparency and the rule of law before the Russia’s full-scale invasion. Today, AntAC is fighting to help Ukraine win and emerge as a stronger democracy.  [Read more about AntAC here.]

Center for Civil Liberties

The Center for Civil Liberties (CCL)—one of Ukraine’s leading human rights organizations—joins the important effort to monitor and document war crimes and crimes against humanity, seeking justice for victims, and helping the country move forward. [Read more about CCL here.]

Public Interest Journalism Lab

Public Interest Journalism Lab (PIJL) distills complex issues facing Ukrainian society with a new kind of storytelling.  PIJL has been reporting from the frontlines of Russia’s war on Ukraine, and creating an oral history archive to serve as a tool for global advocacy, transitional justice, and collective memory. [Read more about PIJL here. ]

Ukrainian Volunteer Service

Ukrainian Volunteer Service (UVS) is helping activate, train, and coordinate more than 100,000 citizen volunteers to maximize support for people in need across the country, including delivering food donations, checking on the elderly, and providing shelter for people fleeing the war. [Read more about UVS here.]

Watch the 2022 NED Democracy Award discussion and ceremony here.