As part of the Democracy Curriculum, fellows participate in a series of field trips to NED’s four core institutes, (NDI, IRI, the Solidarity Center, CIPE), attend forums and conferences around D.C., and have discussion based brown-bag lunches and roundtables within their diverse cohort.  Fellows are able to develop their ideas in a comparative context and better understand the related efforts of their peers and other organizations.

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We are currently accepting applications for fellowships in 2024-2025. The deadline for applications is November 6, 2023.

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Peer-to-Peer Engagement

Through exchanging ideas, fellows come away with a deeper understanding of democratic theory and its practical applications. In addition to benefiting their work, these exchanges cultivate a sense of solidarity. As fellows engage with one another, they realize that their situation is not unique-- the struggle for democracy is a global one.

Cultural Immersion

As a cultural and educational exchange program, the fellowship encourages fellows to partake in the rich cultural life in the nation’s capital and explore what the city has to offer. Fellows visit landmarks around D.C. as a group and interact with individuals working in places like the Capitol and the Library of Congress to strengthen their understanding of American government, history and society.

Exchange of Ideas and Culture