Journal of Democracy October 2019 Issue: Europe Grapples with Populism

How is the rise of populism changing Europe’s political dynamics? What lies ahead after the fall of Sudan’s longtime dictator? Do recent elections in Southeast Asia point to a consolidation of illiberal rule?

A cluster of four articles on recent elections in Southeast Asia considers whether authoritarian and illiberal forces are strengthening their hold in the region: 

  • Edward Aspinall and Marcus Mietzner consider whether national elections in Indonesia marked a parting of ways between pluralism and broader democratic norms;
  • Duncan McCargo explores the flawed electoral process that yielded victory for supporters of Thailand’s ruling junta;
  • Björn Dressel and Cristina Regina Bonoan examine the troubling implications of President Rodrigo Duterte’s gains in the Philippines’ midterm elections; and
  • Mark R. Thompson offers an overall assessment of developments in the region.

A second cluster examines how, as Europe grapples with populism, the deeper dynamics of national and EU politics are changing: 

Plus: How has India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) been able to increase its parliamentary majority and reshape the political scene? 

  • Ashutosh Varshney scrutinizes the 2019 Indian elections and the rise of “Hindu majoritarianism;”
  • Yamini Aiyar shows how welfare politics has become “an important ingredient in the BJP’s unique brand of populism.”

Also in the October 2019 issue: 

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