NED Participates in 21st Forum 2000 Conference

The Forum 2000 Foundation pursues the legacy of Václav Havel by supporting the values of democracy and respect for human rights, assisting the development of civil society, and encouraging religious, cultural and ethnic tolerance. Carl Gershman, National Endowment for Democracy President, and Christopher Walker, Vice President for Studies and Analysis, participated in panels. 

Defending Democracy
featuring Carl Gershman, Penda Mbow, Adam Michnik, Jorge Quiroga Ramírez, 
Leyla Yunusova, Šimon Pánek, 

The Growing Authoritarian Threats To Democracy
featuring Juan Pablo Cardenal, Suat Kınıklıoğlu, Vladimir Kara-Murza, Stéphane Dion, Tan-Sun Chen, Christopher Walker