NED Will Honor Memory Of Anna Politkovskaya On October 16

On Monday, October 16 at 11:00 a.m. the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) will host a memorial gathering in honor of Anna Politkovskaya, the courageous reporter for the Moscow newspaper Novaya Gazeta who was brutally murdered at her apartment building on Saturday, October 7. The mother of two, Politkovskaya was a fearless journalist committed to reporting the truth about the conflict in Chechnya, which she called “a small corner of hell.”

Anna’s colleagues at Novaya Gazeta have called on the Russian public to honor her on October 16. This day, the ninth since her murder, holds special significance in Russia; according to Russian peasant tradition, the soul then leaves the body and is guided by angels to its next destination.

The program at NED will include remarks by several friends, colleagues and admirers of Politkovskaya who will share memories and bear witness to her courage, humanity and dedication to truth.

This event is open to the press. Interested journalists should contact Jane Jacobsen at (202) 378-9700 or for further details and to register. NED is located at 1025 F Street, NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20004.

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