APSA-CD Newsletter: Democratization and Civil Conflict

“The history that has come down to us in writing is very much a history of conflict over political power. The most well-attested of these conflicts have been ‘international’, that is, conflicts of external conquest and domination. But domestic conflicts over political power have also been ubiquitous, from the multiple democratic revolutions and aristocratic reactions in ancient Greek city-states to coups, regime breakdowns, and civil wars in modern territorial states,” write guest editors Svend Erik Skaaning and Jorgen Moller in the APSA-CD July 2016 newsletter on “Democratization and Civil Conflict.”

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  • Democratization and Civil Conflict by Baris Ari (University of Essex), Kristian Skrede Gleditsch (Peace Research Institute and University of Essex), Håvard Hegre (Uppsala University and Peace Research Institute Oslo), and Tore Wig (University of Oslo)
  • Electoral Violence: The Emergence of a Research Field by Hanne Fjelde (Uppsala University and Peace Research Institute Oslo) and Kristine Höglund (Uppsala University)
  • Sanctions, Autocratic Regimes, and Conflict by Abel Escribà-Folch Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Joseph Wright (Penn State University)
  • Striving for Democracy? A Psychological Perspective on Democratization and Civil Conflict by Michael Bang Petersen (Aarhus University), Henrikas Bartusevičius (Aarhus University) and Florian van Leeuwen (Aarhus University)
  • Putting the Civil Conflict-Regime Nexus in Historical Perspective by Jørgen Møller (Aarhus University)


APSA-CD Newsletter is produced three times per year and features 3-5 original articles on democratization, as well as bibliographic information on new research from leading political scientists and academic journals.

The International Forum for Democratic Studies serves as the Secretariat for the APSA-Comparative Democratization section, and each issue of APSA-CD is jointly produced by the Forum and the Varieties of Democracy Institute (V-Dem) at the University of Gothenburg.