Setting Democratic Ground Rules for AI

October 24, 2023
10:00 am - 11:00 am




About the event

With recent leaps in the development of artificial intelligence (AI), we are experiencing a seismic shift in the balance of power between people and governments, posing new challenges to democratic principles such as privacy, transparency, and non-discrimination. We know that AI will shape the political world we inhabit. But what remains uncertain is how democratic norms and institutions can shape the trajectory of AI. In the face of this changing landscape, how can civil society work to advance approaches to governing artificial intelligence that uphold democratic principles and follow democratic processes? And what can advocacy groups do to push back against the proliferation of authoritarian models of AI? 

Please join the International Forum for Democratic Studies for a virtual event examining challenges and opportunities for deepening democratic engagement in AI governance. Elizabeth Kerley (Forum) will share key findings from a forthcoming International Forum report, Setting Democratic Ground Rules for AI: Civil Society Strategies, which emerged from a workshop bringing together Latin American and global researchers and civil society practitioners. Natalia Carfi (Open Data Charter) and Eduardo Carrillo (TEDIC) will provide comments and share further insights on opportunities for promoting democratic approaches to AI. Ryan Heath (Axios) will moderate the discussion. 

about the participants

Ryan Heath is Axios’ Global Technology Correspondent and co-author of the Axios AI+ newsletter. Previously, Ryan moderated the first presidential debate of the 2019 EU election, and between 2015 and 2023 wrote POLITICO’s Brussels Playbook, Davos Playbook and Global Insider newsletters and hosted podcasts. He’s the author of two books on politics and worked for the European Commission in Brussels as a presidential speechwriter and later as the Commission’s tech spokesperson. Beth Kerley is a program officer managing the International Forum for Democratic Studies’ emerging technologies portfolio, which covers the challenges and opportunities for democracy as technological advances supply new tools of politics and governance. She was previously associate editor of the Journal of Democracy and holds a PhD in History from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.

Natalia Carfi is the Executive Director of the Open Data Charter. She is the former Open Government Director for the Undersecretary of Public Innovation and Open Government of Argentina where she coordinated the co-creation of the 3rd Open Government National Action Plan. She was also Open Government coordinator for the Digital Division of the Government of Chile and for the City of Buenos Aires. She is part of the Open Data Leaders Network and the Academic Committee of the International Open Data Conference.

Eduardo Carrillo is the Executive Co-Director of TEDIC. He holds a bachelor’s in international relations and a master’s in public administration with an emphasis in digital technology and policy from University College London (UCL) and has over seven years of work experience in civil society and international organizations. Carrillo is a researcher in science, technology, innovation and digitalization public policies and is interested in the economic and social development of Paraguay.




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