Argentina 2020

Building Legitimacy Through Procedural Justice in Argentina

Centro de Implementacion de Politicas Publicas para la Equidad y el Crecimiento


To strengthen the effectiveness and legitimacy of the public administration of justice system in Argentina. The organization will gather evidence of the effect of improvements to justice administration -based on procedural justice principles- on the rule of law. It will produce a report and draft reform proposals. It will carry out an advocacy campaign to raise awareness of the positive impact of these measures on legal compliance and legitimacy of justice administration. It will promote the adoption of such practices by local, regional, and national authorities.

Empowering Parliamentarians to Advance Legislation Toward a Legislative Information Service

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To aid ongoing, locally led efforts to increase legislation quality and executive accountability, the Institute proposes a series of activities with Argentine congressional representatives and stakeholders towards establishing a formal, national-level legislative information service. Through the international exchange, local workshop, and parliamentary roundtable models, beneficiaries will gain the technical expertise necessary to draft, present, and champion establishment of the information service within the Argentine national congress. 

Fostering Collaborative and Democratic Local Governance in Argentina

Asociacion Civil Red de Innovacion Local


To strengthen democratic governance at the local level in Argentina in times of crisis. The organization will develop tools and methodologies, scale up its policy solution platforms; expand its network of affiliated local authorities and of experts and policy specialists, and generate new collaboration spaces to promote transparency and accountable decision making processes that produce public policies to address the pandemic and post-pandemic scenario in Argentina. It will also foster the exchange of best practices between local authorities in Argentina and other countries in the region. 

Promoting an Independent Judiciary

Asociacion Civil por la Igualdad y la Justicia


To promote reforms that enhance the independence, accountability, transparency, and accessibility of Argentina’s judiciary; and to foster public debate and civil society oversight of judicial reforms. The organization will monitor reform proposals discussed in congress, and will offer recommendations and best practices to improve the nomination, selection and disciplinary processes of judicial authorities. Similarly, it will facilitate a civil society coalition for judicial reform, and organize a series of public and private meetings to build demand for reform.

Promoting Civic Monitoring and Accountability in Argentina

Fundacion para el Desarrollo de Politicas Sustentables


To strengthen civil society’s capacity to monitor and promote transparency and accountability in public spending at the subnational level in Argentina. The group will lead a coalition of organizations in several provinces that will monitor the use of public funds in the context of covid-19, and the pandemic’s aftermath, and advocate for effective public control of use of government resources. It will partner with journalists to disseminate its findings with the public at large and thus enhance government responsiveness.