Bolivia 2020

Building Dialogue and Reconciliation

Fundacion Unir Bolivia


To promote dialogue and reconciliation among women in leadership positions to build a shared vision for the future. The organization will build channels of communication, dialogue, and negotiation across sectors to prevent any resurgence of violence and respond to potential conflict in a swift and peaceful way. Through a series of meetings with women leaders, first by sector and later across sectors, the group will build interpersonal trust; identify common challenges, perceptions, and misperceptions; and build a joint vision for democratic governance.

Countering Disinformation in the Political Process

Centro de Estudios de la Realidad Economica y Social


To raise awareness among citizens of the effects of disinformation posted on social networks during national election campaigns. The organization will analyze the impact of messaging on digital social networks and will quantify and classify the types of political messages disseminated on these platforms. It will determine their source, fact-check their accuracy, and categorize them as false, true, or cannot be determined and will disseminate the information to the public.

Engaging Youth in Local Governance

Centro de Estudios y Apoyo al Desarrollo Local


To build the capacity of youth in Bolivia to participate in public policymaking and exercise their political rights. The organization will conduct workshops in the cities of El Alto and Sucre, and the departments of Santa Cruz and Tarija, and use digital media platforms to train youth in legislative processes and political leadership and increase understanding of their rights. It will also train members of youth organizations to serve as election monitors.

Monitoring the National Electoral Process

Fundacion Jubileo


To contribute toward a fair and transparent national electoral process through citizen participation in election monitoring and an informed vote. Following an abrupt change in Bolivia’s government after a disputed election in 2019, the organization will consolidate the network it successfully put together for the previous election to replicate its monitoring and voter-information activities for elections in early 2020.

Promoting and Defending Human Rights

Derechos en Accion


To promote and defend human rights in Bolivia through strategic litigation at the national and international levels. The organization will advocate for reparations for victims of human rights violations and will expand and diversify its mission to include more research, analysis, and training in the area of human rights jurisprudence. 

Promoting Democratic Institutional Reform

Prismabol 4.0


To contribute to an informed public debate about necessary reforms of Bolivia’s political institutions during and after an election year. The organization will conduct political analysis and hold discussions among respected political and economic experts to produce in-depth reports and help to inform debates in the national legislature about political reform.

Promoting Democratic Values

Fundacion para el Desarrollo Participativo Comunitario


To strengthen democratic values and tolerance among Bolivian citizens through training and countering hate speech. The organization will create a training program to instill democratic values and a culture of peace and tolerance, focusing its efforts primarily on women, youth, and indigenous populations. It will concentrate its training workshops in areas that have been prone to a climate of conflict and political polarization – La Paz, El Alto, Viacha, Cochabamba, and Punata.

Promoting Democratic Values Among Youth

Libera Bolivia


To strengthen democratic values among Bolivian youth and promote their active political participation. The organization will identify 50 youth leaders from around the country and work with them to promote core democratic values – respect for the rule of law, the need for strong democratic institutions, and the importance of taking part in the country’s political life.

Promoting Dialogue and Social Reconciliation

Ciudadanía, Comunidad de Estudios Sociales y Acción Pública


To promote dialogue and social reconciliation following post-electoral violence. The organization will facilitate a series of local and regional dialogues among citizens and political actors to foster a culture of peaceful debate and contribute to prevention of a recurrence of violence during an election year. Based on the discussions, the organization will publish a report on citizens’ views of the state of Bolivian democracy and recommend steps to avoid future election violence.

Promoting Dialogue and Tolerance during a Democratic Transition

Instituto de Investigación y Acción para el Desarrollo Integral


To promote tolerance and political dialogue in a sharply divided society during a national electoral process. The organization will bring together members of diverse political parties to discuss and debate the tensions in Bolivia’s political arena and the challenges to reconstructing Bolivia’s democracy. The organization will also conduct an intensive training program for key participants from civil society groups that took part in citizen protests and counter-protests following election in 2019 to identify points of agreement among them and promote reconciliation.

Promoting Human Rights and Justice

Fundacion Observatorio de Derechos Humanos y Justicia


To promote democratic culture and the value of political dialogue in Brazil. The organization will carry out a series of discussions with high-level public personalities in Brazil with divergent views. The debates will be recorded and broadcasted in traditional media and shared through social media. The conversations will shed light on policy solutions to salient issues of public interest and contrast different ideas in a constructive and civil fashion.

Promoting Judicial Reform during a Political Transition

Due Process of Law Foundation


To promote best practices in judicial reform and independence during a political transition, in keeping with international standards. The organization will facilitate an informed debate within civil society that will contribute to designing a roadmap for judicial reform and a restoration of the judiciary as a democratic institution. It will convene an international meeting and domestic workshops of experts and civil society to foster a discussion during this year’s election campaigns about the need to draft a reform agenda for Bolivia’s judiciary.  

Promoting Policy Debates

Instituto Socioambiental – Bolivia (ISA – Bolivia)


To promote policy debates among diverse political and civic actors in the framework of the 2020 national electoral process; and to foster youth participation in and oversight of the political and electoral process. The organization will articulate a coalition of academic institutions, independent media and civil society to foster analysis and debate on the policy agenda of the incoming government. After the elections, the group will encourage youth to monitor the new government’s policies and advocate for the implementation of relevant reform proposals.

Protecting the Environmental Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Fundacion Blue Foresta


To expose corruption by fostering investigative journalism on human rights and the environment in indigenous territories. The organization will raise public awareness of the damage to the habitats of indigenous peoples caused by extractive industries, agribusiness, and large infrastructure projects and expose corruption in government contracting by training and supporting investigative journalists to cover these issues.

Providing Independent Analysis and Information

Instituto de Asistencia Social Economica y Tecnologica


To promote freedom of expression and accountability in Bolivia through independent analysis and in-depth news reports. The organization will continue to cover political, economic, and social issues. It will especially focus on the presidential and national legislative campaigns and the performance of the Supreme Electoral Council, which exercises control over the electoral process. It will also cover the performance of the new government after the election.

Providing Independent Analysis and Information

Instituto de Asistencia Social Economica y Tecnologica

Supplement $16,034

To promote freedom of expression and accountability in Bolivia through independent analysis and in-depth news reports. The organization will continue to cover political, economic, and social issues. It will especially focus on the presidential and national legislative campaigns and the performance of the Supreme Electoral Council, which exercises control over the electoral process. It will also cover the performance of the new government after the election.

Providing Independent Political News and Election Information

Agencia de Noticias Fides Compania de Jesus

Supplement $47,882

To provide independent, high-quality news coverage, with an emphasis on human rights, government accountability, and the electoral process. The organization will provide Bolivian citizens reliable and independent information about political developments during a highly controversial national election this year and will continue to report on government and politics following the vote.

Strengthening Civil Society for the Defense of Human Rights

Fundacion Construir

Supplement $50,000

To strengthen the capacity of civil society to promote transparency and accountability in the justice system and defend human rights in Bolivia. The organization will facilitate public debate among political parties to inform voters during a national election campaign while continuing to promote civil society oversight and participation in Bolivia’s judicial system. It will conduct research, organize training workshops, facilitate meetings with civil society and government representatives, and carry out monitoring and advocacy initiatives.

Strengthening Civil Society via Digital Platforms

Asociación Científica Multidisciplinaria – SIM


To strengthen the capacity of civil society, activists, and journalists to use digital platforms to inform the public and demand government accountability. The organization will establish a digital laboratory to train civil society organizations, youth activists, and journalists in the use of digital tools in their work and to help them disseminate their information to a wider public.

Strengthening Local Government and Parliamentary Coordination as an Independent Counterweight to Centralized Government

International Republican Institute (IRI)


This program seeks to support transparency in Bolivia’s transition during a year that will see presidential, congressional, and local elections. The institute and its local partner will pursue this goal by supporting the ability of political parties and civil society to observe national and subnational elections. The program will also contribute to this goal by supporting transparency and open government in the new Plurinational Assembly and among candidates for subnational elections.

Strengthening the Political Participation of Indigenous and Rural Communities

Fundacion Microjusticia Bolivia

Supplement $40,000

To promote political participation by indigenous and rural communities through increased understanding of their civil and political rights and to facilitate access to basic legal documents to members of indigenous and rural communities to enable them to participate in political processes. The organization will visit 70 rural communities to offer technical assistance and training.

Strengthening Women’s Voices in Decision-Making Spaces

Fundacion Alianza por los Derechos, la Igualdad y la Solidaridad Internacional


To promote gender equality in spaces of power and decision-making in Bolivia by encouraging women to exercise their right to political participation in their roles as leaders of labor and indigenous movements, as potential political candidates, and as ordinary citizens.  The organization will provide training to women leaders of civil society organizations on political advocacy and public administration; will support women leaders in advocacy initiatives; and will work to raise awareness about violence against women in leadership positions.

Supporting Investigative Journalism and Countering Disinformation

Fundacion para el Periodismo


To improve the quality of information disseminated by digital and traditional news media, counter disinformation, and support investigative journalism. The organization will monitor social and traditional media reports and commentary in Bolivia’s 10 most populous cities and publicize instances of false news and disinformation. The organization will also  continue to train journalists and will support two investigative journalism projects