Colombia 2020

Advocacy for Human Rights Protections for Displaced, Refugee and Forced Migrant Populations in Colombia

Consultoria para los Derechos Humanos y el Desplazamiento


To advocate for comprehensive political and judicial policies that guarantee respect for human rights of displaced, refugee, and forced migrant populations in Colombia. The group will produce a report that informs the public about the human rights situation of the aforementioned populations. The organization will also strengthen refugee and migrant organizations by providing technical assistance to help them advocate for their rights and monitor existing public policies. Lastly, the group will produce a proposal to promote more comprehensive migration governance policies.

Analyzing the Impact of covid-19 on Colombia’s Democracy and Human Rights

Corporacion Viva la Ciudadania


To strengthen the analysis and defense of Colombia’s democratic rights and freedoms at risk due to measures adopted during the covid-19 health emergency. The organization will research and analyze four topics, the government’s balance of power, citizen participation, protection of personal data and the right to information. Research findings will contribute to a publication and recommendations that seeks to strengthen the government’s respect for citizen’s rights during the pandemic. The group will raise awareness about this issue through digital campaigns and virtual events.

Combating Disinformation in Colombia’s Media Landscape in 2021 and 2022

Consejo de Redaccion


To promote the use of fact-checking among journalists, media outlets, university students and civil society and strengthen investigative journalism to report on disinformation regarding covid-19 and the 2022 presidential elections. The organization will train journalists and university students  to produce investigative pieces that employ the fact-checking methodology. It will promote collaboration through its National Network of Fact-Checkers and strengthen its members’ capacity to identify disinformation pertaining to covid-19 and the presidential elections.  Lastly, the group will carry out two editions of its Investigative Journalism Conference.

Developing Youth Leaders and Activists

Corporacion Fernando Gonzalez – Otraparte


To strengthen collaboration between civil society, academics and the local government to develop citizen-focused policy agendas in Bogotá, Norte de Santander and Antioquia, and to promote democratic values and civic participation among youth leaders. The organization will foment dialogue for citizens to discuss challenges each city faces and to propose changes to public policies. It will also train youth to oversee the National Development Plan implementation and to launch their own advocacy campaigns. The project will culminate with a national meeting to share experiences among youth leaders.

Fostering Dialogue about Citizen Mobilization in Colombia

Camino SAS


To foster dialogue and critical thinking about citizen mobilization and its effectiveness in addressing political, social, and economic discontent in Colombian society. The organization will produce investigative journalism pieces and conversation tools to inform and engage its readers about the use of mobilization and its effectiveness. Participants will have the opportunity to voice their opinion and develop strategies to participate in a more active way. The organization will publish its pieces, panel discussions, infographics, videos and interaction on its website, social media and with media outlets in Colombia. 

Observatory for Private Investment in Zones Most Affected by Poverty and Violence

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To enhance responsible private sector engagement that contributes to the implementation of the peace accords in regions most affected by poverty and violence (PDET) in Colombia. The center will promote public-private dialogue in PDET regions to increase private sector participation in the implementation of the peace accords. Additionally, the center will increase the capacity of local chambers of commerce to meet the needs of incoming private sector actors to encourage their responsible investment in PDET regions.

Observatory to Promote Government Accountability and Raise Awareness about Border Insecurity

Fundacion Paz y Reconciliacion


To promote greater transparency about possible links of corruption between illegal actors and elected officials in Colombia. The organization will empower citizens to document, report and denounce acts of corruption in the border region of Colombia and Venezuela. It will present its findings on corruption to public authorities in Colombia. The group will also produce in-depth reports and raise awareness about the security situation in the northern border that both countries share. 

Promoting Accountability of the Colombian Senate through Investigative Journalism

El Escarbabajo SAS


To promote greater access to information by making government data readily available to the public and publishing its analysis online. The organization will survey citizens to select the 25 senators whose information it will research and report on. The group will consult with open government databases to cross-reference the information and publish pieces on illegal networks in Congress. Lastly, the group will train individuals on tools to access public information and mechanisms to denounce abuses of power.

Promoting an Informed Online Debate about covid-19 and the Peace Accord Implementation

Linterna Verde


To promote an informed public debate on social media regarding the effects of covid-19 and the implementation of the peace accord. The group will train civil society organizations and journalists on these concepts and examine common challenges they face disseminating information through social media. The group will produce a report based on the case studies presented at the trainings and publish its recommendations for overcoming disinformation. The group will raise awareness about these issues with the public through informational videos and a public event.

Promoting Dialogue to Reduce Polarization in Colombia

La Paz Querida


To contribute to reducing levels of polarization through dialogue and deliberation on key political, economic, and social issues. The organization will carry out discussions that employ the deliberative democracy model, including broad participation from different sectors of society. The group will guide discussions and help each sector reach agreements about key problems the country is facing. Taking input and recommendations from the discussion, the group will produce a policy document that will help structure national-level deliberative forums and advocate for reform with policy and decision makers.

Promoting Transparency of Government Contracting during COVID-19

Mision de Observacion Electoral


To promote greater oversight of the use of public funds destined towards alleviating the health, economic, and social crisis resulting from covid-19. The organization will examine the transparency of public contracting during the time of emergency in territories of greatest need. From its research, the organization will characterize the type of contracts provided, which sectors were prioritized, and which municipalities and departments received the largest influx of resources. It will disseminate its findings online and with several Colombian oversight institutions.  

Strengthening Colombia’s Rule of Law to Protect Conflict Victims and Human Rights Defenders

Comision Colombiana de Juristas


To support peace accord implementation to include transitional justice norms and strengthen the knowledge of human rights defenders, civil society, and public officials on human rights law and the Colombian Constitution. The organization will continue its advocacy with Congress and the Constitutional Court in support of transitional justice mechanisms that focus on international human rights standards and victims’ rights. The group will also train civil society leaders and public officials on systems of protection focused on protecting human rights defenders.  

Strengthening Democratic Ideas and Values among Venezuelan Migrants in Colombia

Fundacion Juntos se Puede


To expose Venezuelan migrants to democratic practices and values in Colombia. The group will collect data about migrant routes and report on levels of support in order to advocate for a more holistic approach. It will also produce a report that evaluates vulnerabilities migrants face and levels of trust in state institutions and social cohesion. The organization will carry out trainings, dialogues and cultural events that will create a network of leaders and develop community ties between Venezuelans and Colombians.

Strengthening Mechanisms to Protect Social Leaders in Colombia

Corporacion Centro de Estudios de Derecho, Justicia y Sociedad

Supplement $22,500

In response to covid-19, the group will shift its trainings to a virtual platform and provide security and digital support to community radios. Funds will also go towards a digital security consultancy, internet connectivity and devices for the trainings, as well as operational costs for a six month project extension. 

Strengthening Political Participation of Indigenous Women and Youth in Colombia

Organizacion Nacional Indigena de Colombia


To strengthen the knowledge and capacity of indigenous women and youth regarding political leadership and civic participation. The organization will help these populations recognize themselves as political actors. It will train them on civic duties, political participation, leadership, empowerment, policymaking, and communications. The theoretical and practical sessions will prepare indigenous women and youth to become leaders in their communities, and in local and regional government. The organization will raise awareness about its work among indigenous and community leaders and the public.

Strengthening Reporting and Journalists at the Colombo-Venezuelan Border

Fundacion para la Libertad de Prensa


To strengthen investigative reporting about migration at the Colombo-Venezuelan border, foster exchange between Colombian and Venezuelan journalists, and promote media literacy. A coalition of sixteen media outlets will support journalists to produce in-depth pieces about migration in the six border regions. The group will analyze the risks journalists face, including health risks such as covid-19, and provide protection mechanisms for them to continue their work safely. Lastly, Venezuelan journalists will participant in an internship with Colombian media outlets to improve their investigative journalism knowledge and skills.

Strengthening the Leadership and Advocacy Capacities of Afro-Colombian Communities

Corporacion Centro de Pastoral Afrocolombiana


To strengthen Afro-Colombian communities to advocate for their rights and to promote space for dialogue. The organization will carry out strategic meetings and trainings for its members to discuss key issues related to the community’s rights and the development of public policies. Together, the regional groups will develop an advocacy strategy and identify opportunities to present their joint proposals to local officials. Lastly, the grantee will host a national meeting to share their action plans and strengthen their advocacy campaigns. 

Strengthening Women as Political Actors in Colombia

Corporacion Casa de la Mujer


To strengthen Colombian women’s participation in politics and to empower them to become leaders and advocates in their communities. The organization will train women in four departments to monitor and oversee development plans. The group will also support women to partake in regional discussions. It will host meetings between female leaders and elected officials to discuss their ideas, and to identify ways these civic leaders can contribute to local and national agendas leading up to the 2022 Congressional and Presidential elections.

Strengthening Youth Leaders for a Future Democratic Venezuela

Democratic Ideas and Values


To strengthen the leadership capacity and democratic values of Venezuelans residing in Colombia. The organization will train youth migrants and exiles in Colombia from political parties and social organizations on democratic participation. Youth will build their capacity on democratic societies and continue their involvement in political activism. The group will foster the development of a network of youth leaders to promote democratic reconstruction in Venezuela and peaceful coexistence in Colombia.

Supporting Inclusive and Collaborative Governance Responses to Colombia’s Development Challenges

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To improve coordination and delivery of resources between the national and subnational levels, the institute will provide technical assistance to congressional and executive stakeholders so they may provide effective support to local governments. Moreover, the institute will build the capacity of local government to access and apply community development resources available through the Peace Accord and the Future Zones to address issues related to migrant integration. Finally, the institute will empower civil society to monitor the allocation of new funding and implementation of community development projects.