Colombia 2021

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)

Supporting Democratic Resilience and Preparations for the 2022 Electoral Cycle


To foster a more inclusive, diverse and accountable political system in Colombia ahead of the 2022 legislative and presidential elections, the Institute will strengthen spaces for representative democracy at the local level as a strategy to promote reconciliation; support local governments to improve transparency and accountability mechanisms; support the national electoral authority and political parties in processes that contribute to electoral integrity and greater citizen participation; and help improve civic and voter education in preparation for 2022 national elections.


International Republican Institute (IRI)

Building on Advances in Priority Governance Issues


To build on efforts to respond to some of Colombia’s most salient governance challenges ahead of the upcoming election cycle, including migration, implementation of the 2016 Peace Agreement and pervasive gender gaps, the Institute will strengthen capacities of aspiring local leaders to advance on these issues and ensure effective knowledge transfer in each of these areas between outgoing and newly elected officials at all levels of government. In doing so, newly elected leaders will be better equipped to act in the short term by building on existing progress and to engage key stakeholders to generate real changes in policy design and implementation.


Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

Observatory for Private Investment in Zones Most Affected by Poverty and Violence III


To aid Colombia’s democratic stabilization by strengthening private sector engagement in the regions most affected by poverty and violence (PDETs, in Spanish). The Center will utilize the newly established Colombia Country Office to monitor private investment, promote public-private dialogues, and develop chambers of commerce capacity to increase private sector participation and implement the peace accords. The Center will build upon previous phases which produced the monitoring mechanism: Observatory for Private Investment in Zones Most Affected by Poverty and Violence. The Center will inform the 2022 electoral campaigns and support post-Covid economic recovery to promote the private sector in PDET regions.


Instituto Internacional de Estudios Anticorrupcion

Fighting Corruption and Impunity in Colombia’s Judicial System


To promote a culture of transparency and accountability in Colombia’s judicial system through the creation of a Justice and Impunity Observatory; and to strengthen the responsiveness of the judicial system to prosecute corrupt public institutions and officials. The group will also train judicial officials directly involved in investigating corruption-related crimes as it relates to the healthcare system, infrastructure, public works projects, social programs, and elections. It will present the findings and recommendations to the government, the Congress, and control bodies. The organization is based in Bogotá and led by a board and executive director with ample experience investigating corruption in the region and in Colombia and are known for tackling challenging cases that involve high-level officials.


Fundacion Juntos se Puede

Strengthening Democractic Ideas and Values among Venezuelan Migrants in Colombia


To strengthen Venezuelan migrants’ knowledge about democratic practices and values exercised in Colombia and to raise awareness about how migrants are positively contributing to strengthening Colombian democracy. The group will work within the framework of the new temporary protection statute for Venezuelan migrants. It will collect data about migrant routes and advocate for a more holistic approach. It will use its research on the barriers to inclusion and participation to advocate with government institutions and civil society.


Corporacion Centro de Pastoral Afrocolombiana

Promoting the Political Participation and Leadership of Afro-Colombians


To promote the political participation and leadership skills of Afro-Colombians. The group will carry out workshops focused on participation mechanisms, political advocacy, and decision-making. Participants will also gain knowledge about early alert systems and security protocols to protect human rights defenders in Afro-Colombian communities. The Endowment will support and strengthen the group’s capacity to carry out political and legislative advocacy.


Camino SAS

Fostering Dialogue about Citizen Mobilization in Colombia


To foster dialogue and critical thinking about citizen mobilization and its effectiveness in addressing political, social, and economic discontent. The group will produce investigative journalism pieces and conversation tools to inform and engage its readers about the use of mobilization and its effectiveness. Participants voice their opinions and develop strategies to participate in a more active way. The organization will publish its pieces, panel discussions, infographics, video and interaction on its website, social media, and with media outlets.


La Paz Querida

Promoting Dialogue to Reduce Polarization in Colombia


To contribute to reducing polarization through dialogue and deliberation on key political, economic, and social issues. The organization will carry out discussions using the deliberative democracy model, including broad participation from different sectors of society. The group will compile recommendations into a policy document to structure national-level deliberative forums. It will advocate for policy reform with decision-makers and 2022 Congressional candidates. It will also raise awareness about the findings presented by the National Truth Commission with citizens.


La Corporación Misión de Observación Electoral

Promoting Transparency of Government Contracting during COVID-19


To foster transparency in public contracting associated with the 2022 legislative and presidential elections and to raise awareness of clientelism within the private and public sectors. The group will examine procurement practices during the elections to identify potential irregularities in the process. It will research clientelist behaviors in the private and public sectors from the previous elections that puts the country’s democracy at risk. The group will publish its findings and share recommendations with government oversight bodies and civil society.


Fundación Artemisas

Strengthening Female Political Participation in National and Local Elections


To strengthen the political participation of women from nine regions during the 2022 and 2023 elections. The group will train a diverse group of women who will run for public office on campaign practices, network development, and communications strategies. The organization will help the candidates co-construct agendas with civil society organizations and carry out an advocacy campaign via traditional and social media to inform citizens about their platforms.


El Escarbabajo SAS

Exposing Political Corruption Surrounding the National and Local Elections


To expose corruption cases involving public officials leading up to the 2022 national and 2023 local elections and to strengthen citizen oversight capacity of potential corruption involving candidates to Congress. The media outlet will produce investigative pieces from information collected focusing on conflicts of interest, abuse of power, irregular state contracting, and election-related corruption. It will carry out strategic litigation in collaboration with civil society partners and train citizens on accessing open data and reporting potential cases of corruption.


Extituto de Politica Abierta

Strengthening a Future Generation of Political Leaders in Colombia


To strengthen the capacity of emerging leaders, specifically women and historically politically excluded populations, that seek to be elected to the Colombian Congress. The group will work with civil society in five regions using a deliberative democracy methodology to construct agendas and solutions on key issues. It will bring together citizens and candidates to explore ways to include proposals in their platforms. Following elections, the group will support elected officials to maintain open dialogue and to meet its campaign promises.


Organizacion Nacional Indigena de Colombia

Strengthening Political Participation of Indigenous Women and Youth in Colombia


To strengthen the knowledge and capacity of indigenous youth regarding political leadership and civic participation. The organization will help these populations recognize themselves as political actors within and outside of their communities. It will train them on civic duties, political participation, leadership, empowerment, policymaking, and communications. The group will strengthen the youth network and help leaders produce proposals that they will present to local and national indigenous bodies.


Corporacion Fernando Gonzalez – Otraparte

Strengthening Youth Dialogue and Advocacy during the Elections


To strengthen the advocacy capacity of youth in Bogota, Norte de Santander, Valle de Cauca, and Antioquia during the upcoming 2022 national and 2023 local elections and to raise awareness about the effects of disinformation and polarization. The group will carry out dialogues and debates with youth and public officials to develop proposals including solutions to conflicts. The group will also analyze disinformation that promotes polarization during elections and train youth on how to identify these tendencies among candidates.


Corporación Movilizatorio

Promoting Youth Participation in Dialogues and Proposal Development


To promote youth participation and dialogue in developing proposals leading up to the 2022 legislative and presidential elections and to raise awareness about polarization surrounding the elections. The group will involve youth from broad sectors of society who will contribute to proposals that will be channeled to political leaders and decision makers. It will train citizens to identify polarizing dialogue in political campaigns and to create opportunities for youth to learn how to manage polarizing conversations.