Ecuador 2020

Combating Impunity in Violence against Women

Asociacion Mujeres por la Equidad de Genero y la Autonomia


To reduce impunity in cases of violence against women. The organization will monitor the implementation of new legislation to prevent violence against women and advocate for an end to impunity in cases where the laws go unobserved. It will also conduct a training program for women’s rights groups on the means of protection against violence and how victims of violence can seek help and medical attention.

Defending Women’s Rights 

Centro Ecuatoriano de Desarrollo y Estudios Alternativos


To raise women’s awareness of national laws and local mechanisms designed to prevent violence against them and to help victims seek legal assistance and reparations for past cases of violence. The organization will continue to focus on women in vulnerable situations, such as members of indigenous populations and Venezuelan immigrants.

Designing Public Policies to Strengthen Democracy

Universidad Casa Grande


To strengthen civil society organizations through civic education and to promote citizen participation in designing public policies at the local and national levels. The organization will convene members of civil society organizations to participate in an idea incubator to design and produce public policy proposals and present them to the appropriate authorities. It will also offer participants in the program university-level instruction in political management and democratic institutions.

Empowering Women in Politics

Fundacion Haciendo Ecuador


To empower women in politics and raise awareness of attacks against women seeking or holding public office in Ecuador. The organization will monitor cases of gender-based political violence against candidates for president, vice president, and the National Assembly in elections scheduled for early 2021 and will continue to follow how they are treated once in office. It will issue weekly reports during the political campaign and publish profiles of women political leaders as well as accounts of their experiences as candidates and office holders.

Fighting Xenophobia

Fundacion Redes con Rostro


To defend the rights of migrants from Venezuela and Colombia in Ecuador and reduce discrimination and xenophobia. The organization will generate multimedia oral histories to capture the experiences of migrants and use these to humanize the Venezuelans and Colombians in the eyes of Ecuadorian citizens. The organization will present these multimedia products in a series of workshops and working groups with local civil society organizations and will disseminate them more broadly at both the provincial and national level via traditional news media and social media platforms.

Fostering Transparency Through Investigative Journalism

Fundacion Periodistas Sin Cadenas


To increase transparency and provide independent information through investigative journalism. The foundation will train journalists in outlying provinces in investigative journalism techniques, create a network of investigative journalists, and support the dissemination of their reports. The network will focus its work on small and medium-sized towns and cities in peripheral areas of Ecuador, such as near the country’s borders, where residents lack access to independent information and there is little transparency in local government.

Local Transparency and Oversight Committees

Fundacion Octaedro


To improve government transparency and accountability through increased citizen participation and oversight of local government in nine mid-sized cities in Ecuador. The organization will empower citizens to exercise their rights under Ecuador’s Citizen Participation Law, forming local citizen oversight committees trained on legislative and communication strategies. The organization will also work with local political stakeholders to gain political buy-in for alternative local governance strategies.

Promoting and Defending the Rights of Indigenous Populations

Fundacion Pachamama


To strengthen the capacity of indigenous leaders to understand and use national laws and international human rights mechanisms to defend their rights. The organization will raise domestic and international awareness of restrictions on freedom of association and violations of environmental rights in Ecuador’s Amazon region.

Promoting a New Generation of Civic Leaders

Centro de Apoyo Ecuatoriano-CAJE

Supplement $50,000

To provide Ecuadorian youth with the skills to assume leadership roles in civic affairs. The organization will establish a Regional School for Leadership, Democracy, and Social Development for 50 students. The school will offer 11 training modules that will cover a wide range of topics, including communications skills, the national and international political context, human rights, the civic duties of citizens, digital information technologies and social networks, conflict resolution, and the connections between citizen advocacy and public policy-making.

Promoting Government Transparency and Accountability

Fundacion Mil Hojas

Novation $55,000

To promote transparency and accountability by investigating and analyzing corruption. The organization will  publish in-depth investigative pieces to raise awareness of various sensitive issues related to government affairs, including corruption, human rights violations, and organized crime, that are not covered by traditional media. It will continue to serve as an antidote to fake news by facilitating interaction between its readers and the primary sources used by its journalists.

Promoting Investigative Journalism

Revista digital Plan V


To promote freedom of expression and accountability in Ecuador through independent journalism. The organization will continue to publish news articles, investigative reports, and commentary on political developments and official corruption in Ecuador. It will collaborate with Ecuadorian NGOs in disseminating information on human rights, and it will continue its campaign against disinformation on social media.

Promoting Judicial Independence, Human Rights, and Government Accountability

Observatorio de Derechos y Justicia


To monitor and report on the performance and independence of the judiciary, raise national and international awareness about violations of human rights and due process, and hold public officials accountable in the areas of corruption, human rights, and the administration of justice. The organization will disseminate reports and alerts to national and international audiences via social media, its website, monthly bulletins, and a weekly newsletter.  

Promoting Political Participation Among Youth and an Informed Electorate

Corporacion Participacion Ciudadana Ecuador


To promote citizen oversight and participation among youth during a national election cycle; and to promote better understanding of new electoral regulations. The organization will conduct workshops for members of its youth network to organize campaigns for transparency and ethical political advertising and against political violence during the electoral period. It will also conduct a training workshop to increase understanding of new rules governing the coming election.

Promoting Women’s Participation in Local Governance

Fundación TANDEM


To empower women to advocate for gender-based public policies at the local level. The organization will work for the inclusion of programs that address women’s issues in municipal budgets and empower women to advocate for their participation in local public policy making. It will also develop a set of indicators and tools that women activists can use to track the development, adoption, and implementation of municipal policies that focus on gender issues. 

Strengthening Transparency, Electoral Integrity, Political Participation and Reform

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI)


To support Ecuador’s democracy and foster a more inclusive and accountable political system, the Institute will: strengthen democratic institutions and processes pertaining to inclusion, citizen participation and transparency; and strengthen the capacity of Ecuadorian lawmakers and National Assembly (Asamblea Nacional, NA) staff to more effectively promote open parliament initiatives in the NA.

Supporting Human Rights through Journalism

Joseler S.A


The organization will bring journalistic coverage of human rights-related issues that may not otherwise be considered key topics by traditional media. The organization will apply innovative multimedia techniques to its stream of coverage focusing on human rights and build the capacity of young journalists to practice effective human rights reporting, through mentoring and on-the-job training.

Transparency and Open Government in Ecuador

Fundacion Ciudadania y Desarrollo

Supplement $18,980

To promote transparency, accountability, and citizen oversight of the National Assembly and of the governments of Ecuador’s three largest cities. The organization will also monitor the performance and transparency of legislatures in Latin America during the Covid-19 pandemic and to promote transparency and accountability in government procurement practices in Ecuador during the public health crisis.

Transparency and Open Government in Ecuador

Fundacion Ciudadania y Desarrollo


To promote transparency, accountability, and citizen oversight of the National Assembly and of the governments of Ecuador’s three largest cities. The organization will continue to provide critical information about the legislative agenda as well as on Assembly members’ voting records. It will promote transparency and good governance in Ecuador’s three largest cities: Guayaquil, Quito, and Cuenca.