El Salvador 2020

Financing and Transparency of Political Parties in El Salvador

Accion Ciudadana


To investigate and document political financing in El Salvador and to raise public awareness about political financing and political party transparency on El Salvador’s democracy. The organization will collect data on 2019 party finances via direct requests to parties and state agencies, field interviews, and access to information requests and produce a report with its findings. The grantee will produce and air a weekly radio program segment discussing political party financing and transparency in the lead up to the country’s 2021 legislative elections.

Fostering Investigative Journalism in El Salvador

Factum Media


To conduct several series of investigative reports and produce multimedia content on pressing democracy issues in El Salvador. The grantee will investigate public spending in response to the covid19 crisis, the impacts of the pandemic and the state response to it on migration and poverty. In addition, they will report on freedom of expression and access to information, as well as upcoming legislative elections. 

Investigating the Impacts of the Pandemic and State Response on Women’s Rights

Asociacion Cultural Azoro


To investigate and report from a gender perspective the impacts of the pandemic and the government’s response in El Salvador. The grantee will produce video content, narrative pieces, and infographics to highlight the socioeconomic impacts on women and how these impacts affect other fundamental rights in the political and civic sphere. The grantee will also host virtual conversations with citizens, community organizations and experts in women’s rights on key findings. 

Legislative Oversight via Independent, Investigative Media

Asociacion Juvenil Gato Encerrado Media


To employ independent journalism as a legislative watchdog mechanism and to contribute to a culture of oversight and public accountability. The grantee will monitor and investigate the work of the Salvadoran Congress, with a focus on pending legislation, committee actions, political party interests, power dynamics with other branches of government, and the impact of legislation or other Congressional action or inaction on citizens. The group will carry out fieldwork, interviews, data assessments, and desk research to produce a mix of longer investigative pieces, multimedia pieces, and daily content for social media distribution.

Municipal Governance, Local Opportunities

International Republican Institute (IRI)


To increase the likelihood for citizens to engage with municipal governments, improve confidence in democratic institutions, and take advantage of economic opportunities available in their communities, the institute will work with four municipalities to implement the institute’s Office of Local Economic Development model. The institute will test this model as an approach to improve citizen confidence in local government, improve economic opportunities and communicate with these to citizens to improve their outlook regarding a future in their communities.   

Promoting Greater Access to Justice and Security Policy Shifts

Asociacion Azul Originario


To promote rule of law and access to justice in El Salvador, in an increasingly complex, emergency environment. The grantee will provide legal and psychosocial support to victims of illegal detentions and other crimes of the penitentiary system, along with their families. The grantee will also conduct public awareness campaigns on human rights related to security policies, detention and the prison system and will conduct strategic litigation cases.

Strengthening El Salvador’s Fiscal Oversight Institution

Asociacion Transparencia, Contraloria Social y Datos Abiertos


To improve institutional oversight of the use of public resources through reforms to El Salvador’s fiscal oversight court and to strengthen civil society efforts to conduct advocacy around improvements to fiscal oversight in the country. The grantee will develop an agenda of proposals for reforms to the country’s fiscal oversight court and will advocate it before legislators and political parties during the Congressional reforms process.