Honduras 2021

Asociacion Comite por la Libre Expresion

Protecting Freedom of Expression, Information, and Peaceful Assembly


To monitor the situation of fundamental rights and take actions to counter the closing space for civil society and the media. The grantee will monitor and report on cases of violations of freedom of expression, access to information and freedom of assembly, with a focus on citizen rights to peaceful social protest. In addition to monitoring, the organization will launch a strategic litigation component of its work to proactively defend these rights and will engage in advocacy with authorities to promote improvements to the legal framework regarding these rights.


Investigacion, Diseno y Comunicaciones, Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada

Investigative Journalism in Honduras in the Digital Age


To investigate and illuminate the dynamics of corruption, power and illicit groups. The media outlet will publish reports about the influence of narcotrafficking and illicit groups on political processes, elections, state actors, and on the editorial line in newsrooms across Honduras. The outlet will also report on femicides and crimes against journalists in Honduras, provide specialized trainings on investigative journalism and security for its network of reporters, and incorporate the launch of an online television channel and other multimedia mediums, including cartoons, into its reporting.


Imagen – Comunicaciones y Publicidad, Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada de Capital Variable

Reporting on the Future of Democracy and Corruption in Honduras


To empower voters in an election year with high quality, in-depth, independent information and news on the electoral process, candidates, and parties. The outlet will conduct regular fact checking and candidate interviews during 2021. After the elections, theoutlet will focus its journalism on the justice system. The outlet will produce reports on the actions of the justice system on high level corruption cases and will investigate how the newly created electoral justice tribunal handles electoral conflict and claims from the 2021 elections.


Asociación para una Sociedad más Justa

Promoting Transparent and Inclusive Elections


To empower youth to advocate for more transparency, accountability, and citizen participation in the electoral process in 2021 in Honduras. Using information technologies, constructive dialogue with electoral authorities and youth activities with a national scope, the organization and youth leaders will publicly call for transparency in election preparations, monitor the functions of the national registry as it issues new voter ID cards, and conduct public campaigns so voters know their rights. In addition, the organization will advocate for candidates to voluntarily disclose their assets and financial conflicts of interest and will fact check public statements made by candidates, both in traditional venues and via social media.


Asociación para una Vida Mejor de Personas Infectadas/Afectadas por el VIH-SIDA en Honduras (APUVIMEH)

Youth Democratic Observatory


To reduce voter abstentionism among youth and to engage youth in promoting electoral transparency and integrity in Honduras’s 2021 electoral cycle. The organization will conduct trainings for civically minded youth on the importance of electoral transparency and integrity. The organization will also develop material for use in a widespread voter mobilization campaign targeting youth and women and will carry out informative activities in public areas in the lead up to elections.


Centro para el Desarrollo y la Cooperación LGTBI

Advancing the Human Rights of Marginalized Communities in Honduras


To advocate for the protection of human rights of marginalized communities in Honduras, including within the context of COVID-19. The grantee will strengthen the capacity of CSOs to advocate for public policies and legislation that advance a rights-based agenda for these communities. It will carry out meetings for leaders from vulnerable communities with legislators, hold national discussion sessions about relevant public policies, pursue pro rights litigation, and conduct a campaign to increase support for pro human rights policies.


Producciones Red Comunica, Investiga y Conecta Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada de Capital Variable

Engaging Citizens and Youth through Human Rights and Corruption Reporting


To produce creative investigative media pieces that contextualize social and political problems and a encourage more informed citizenry, especially youth. The media outlet will publish two in-depth investigative pieces per month on human rights and corruption stories, feature multimedia work of young citizen journalists from diverse backgrounds, and facilitate critical discussions on the findings and themes of select investigations.