Mexico 2020

Advocating for Institutional Reform in México

Mexico Evalua Centro de Analisis de Politicas Publicas A C


To monitor and advocate for the establishment of an independent national prosecutor’s office and its respective sub-national counterparts. As one of the most influential think tanks in Mexico, the organization will assess the state of the existing attorney general’s office, publish policy briefs and a final report with specific recommendations on how to transition to an independent prosecutors office. The think tank will also coordinate a strategic communications campaign that raises awareness about the findings of the study.

Analyzing Citizen Security Policies

Colectivo de Analisis de la Seguridad con Democracia AC


To contribute high quality analysis of public policies responding to citizen security challenges in Mexico. The organization will conduct two studies on how the National Guard is changing citizen security policies across Mexico, as well as a second report on how security environment affects the work of journalists in seven states. The organization will disseminate the findings of the studies hosting a series of public events, publishing articles, conducting interviews with the press, and posting on social media.

Bolstering Investigative Journalism

Instituto para la Seguridad y la Democracia


To bolster the capacity of investigative journalists working on stories about the ties between organized crime and power in Mexico. The organization will conduct a training course for 25 investigative journalists working on stories. The group will partner with a leading public university and train journalists on how to conduct investigative stories while taking the appropriate security precautions. The group will partner journalists with  experts, award-winning journalists, and academics who will mentor journalists as they publish stories in the leading media outlets of the country.

Building Awareness on the Costs of Militarization

Intersecta Organizacion para la Igualdad


To build public awareness on the human rights costs of militarization, especially for vulnerable communities. The organization will host a closed-door seminar on the negative effects of militarization with security experts, human rights activists, and members of the feminist movement. The group will explore ways that activist can leverage Mexico’s federal system to slow down the rates of militarization. The organization will also launch a public awareness campaign in a leading digital media publication.

Building the Capacity of Editors in Independent Media

El Quinto Elemento, Laboratorio de Investigacion e Innovacion Periodistica


To build the capacity of a national network of editors in independent media outlets throughout Mexico. The organization will launch an innovative training program for editors focused on planning, supporting, and running investigative pieces.The organization will also host a boot camp on storytelling, multi-media production, mitigating risks for reporters, and the ideation of future stories. The comprehensive program will also pair each editor with an experienced mentor to assist with day-to-day newsroom issues, as well as the production of series of investigative stories.

Building the Capacity of Women’s Rights Organizations

Fondo Semillas


To build the capacity of women’s rights organizations working on civic and political engagement projects around the 2021 elections in Mexico. These organizations will  focus on encouraging women to participate in the elections, advocating to include women’s rights issues into political platforms, and monitoring the electoral process. The organization will provide tailored technical assistance to each group, organize thematic meetings, and connect participants with mentors and peer organizations in the women’s rights movement in Mexico.

Developing Private Sector Solutions to Insecurity in Mexico

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)


To raise awareness of private sector led solutions to insecurity challenges. The center will work with business leaders to collect data in the North Baja California state through a business victimization survey and promote private sector led solutions to citizen insecurity through stakeholder feedback sessions with private sector leaders and public officials.

Documenting Arbitrary Detentions in Mexico

Educacion y Ciudadania


To document and build awareness about arbitrary detentions in Mexico. The organization will expand a network of civil society organizations documenting arbitrary detentions to three additional states (Jalisco, Veracruz, and Mexico). The group will also train youth and partnering organizations on how to document and report arbitrary detentions according to international standards. The organization will also use the data to produce quarterly reports, raise public awareness on the issue, and advocate for state and local policies to address arbitrary detentions.

Empowering Women to Hold Government Accountable

ControlaTuGobierno A.C.


To empower women’s right organizations to hold government accountable in their respective communities. The group will conduct a training program covering transparency laws and ways to hold government official accountable. The group will also provide technical assistance to women’s rights groups implementing accountability programs in their respective communities. Finally, the organization will also promote outcomes with prominent media outlets and at a closing event

Investigating the Impact of Social Programs

Editorial Animal


To promote greater accountability, the organization will conduct a yearlong investigative series into the impact of government social programs. The group will produce a series of bi-monthly products with accompanying short videos and audio-visual materials for social media platforms. The launch of each story will be coordinated with six to eight collaborating media outlets.

Promoting Access to Justice for Indigenous Populations in Campeche

Dialogo y Movimiento AC


To promote access to justice and active participation of indigenous groups in the reform of the criminal justice system in Campeche state. The organization will work with indigenous populations being denied due process under Mexico’s new penal justice system. The organization will provide legal services and strategic litigation for emblematic cases affecting indigenous populations. The organization will also engage public officials, both state and federal, to provide recommendations on ways to improve access to justice for indigenous women and men in Mexico.

Promoting Access to Justice for Victims of Human Rights Violations

Justicia para Nuestras Hijas A.C


To strengthen the capacity of human rights victims and their families to demand their right to access to justice, a proper investigation, and due process of law. The organization will offer judicial literacy trainings for families in Chihuahua, Mexico. The group will also train organizations outside of the state on its methodologies.

Promoting Citizen Oversight of the Legislative Branch

Borde Politico


To leverage new technology and increase the transparency, accountability, and citizen oversight of Mexico’s national legislature. The organization will further develop a digital platform that supports civil society coalitions advocating on issues that are critical to the public. The group will host training workshops for civil society coalitions seeking to improve their respective issue advocacy strategies in Congress. The organization will also conduct complementary trainings focused on getting new legislators to engage with civil society experts and constituents during the policy making process.

Promoting the Rights of Vulnerable Communities

Festival Internacional de Cine Documental de la Ciudad de México

Supplement $55,000

To create engaging public narratives that advocate for the rights of vulnerable communities throughout Mexico. The organization will work with civil society organization and young filmmakers to produce a series of documentaries that tell the stories of vulnerable groups, building targeted issue-advocacy campaigns across Mexico. The organization will  invite  civil society members and  filmmakers to learn about co-creation best practices andGLOBAL advocacy campaigns that used documentaries as a tool. The organization will then conduct a series of capacity building workshops on relevant topics.

Protecting Vulnerable Workers and Democratic Worker Representation

Solidarity Center (SC)


To promote freedom of association and social protection in Mexico, the Center will support the most vulnerable workers, including indigenous farmworker women, migrants, and domestic workers, to channel demand for health and safety protection, and build independent, representative organizations including a national coalition, for improved labor rights compliance. 

Providing Digital Security Support to at Risk Organizations

Cooperativa Tierra Común


To provide digital security support and training to four at-risk organizations in Mexico. The organization will diagnose challenges, assess IT policies, provide targeted trainings, and technical support to strengthen digital security practices.. The organization will also mentor each group as they integrate digital security best practices into strategic planning and organizational culture.

Strengthening State Anti-Corruption Systems

Organizacion Juvenil Mexiro


To strengthen Mexico’s national and state anti-corruption systems. strengthen a national observatory of state-level anti-corruption institutions. The organization will expand the observatory to three new states, training local organizations on transparency and accountability laws, the institutional design, and developing advocacy coalitions to improve subnational anti-corruption bodies. The group will also compile all reports and recommendations in an online platform, conducting targeted advocacy with policy makers, opinions shapers, and media outlets across the country.

Strengthening the Rule of Law in Mexico

Laboratorio de Litigio Estructural A.C.


To strengthen the rule of law by applying new litigation techniques that address systemic public policy problems across Mexico. The organization will work with Latin American counterparts to gather information on legal suits that address structural and system problems in Argentina and Colombia. The group will publish case studies and a final report addressing how these techniques apply to Mexico’s recently reformed judicial system. The organization will also partner with prominent Mexican law schools to disseminate this information at a public event and on a website.