Paraguay 2020

Citizen Participation and Electronic Voting in Paraguay



To promote informed electoral participation and to foster electoral integrity in electronic voting in Paraguay. The organization will design and implement an awareness campaign on how to use electronic voting machines and the challenges that can arise. It will train journalists on how to cover digital rights aspects of the new voting system, and carry out a monitoring campaign on the implementation of electronic voting on election day. It will produce a report on Paraguay’s first experience with electronic voting.

Fostering an Independent Media Narrative in Paraguay

Latitud 25


To foster an alternative and independent media narrative that tackles relevant social and political topics in Paraguay. Through its journalism, the grantee will promote discussions and debates around political and social issues including but not limited to gender, sexuality, human rights, and the environment. It will prioritize audiovisual reporting to target a young audience to develop critical thinkers around these issues. Finally, it will strengthen its own business model this year to become financially sustainable in the long-term.

Investigating and Denouncing Cases of Public Corruption in Paraguay

Instituto de Derecho y Economia Ambiental


To contribute to rooting out corruption at the state level in Paraguay and to strengthen civil society and citizen capacity to investigate, detect, and denounce cases of public corruption. The grantee will litigate strategic and emblematic cases of alleged corruption and encourage civil society to investigate and denounce cases it identifies as well. It will educate the public on how to investigate and denounce cases by disseminating useful information through media and sharing a manual to guide citizens’ efforts.

ParaguaYOite: Youth and Accountability in Paraguay

ReAccion Paraguay


To promote youth engagement and participation in accountability efforts in Paraguay, and to foster more informed citizen participation in local elections. The organization will monitor the use of public funds for education infrastructure with the support of youth volunteers and will publish articles on accountability related issues. The organization will encourage engagement between local authorities and youth. It will also organize several activities to promote citizen understanding of local candidates’ policy proposals and organize debates prior to upcoming local elections. 

Promoting Informed Citizen Participation in the 2020 Municipal Elections

Centro de Analisis y Difusion de la Economia Paraguaya


To promote informed electoral participation in Paraguay’s 2020 municipal elections. The organization will produce promotional materials to educate voters on the new open list system, and on electronic voting. Targeting young and first-time voters in particular, the organization will launch a communications campaign through traditional, digital and social media to encourage voter turnout and build confidence in the new system. After the elections, the organization will conduct an impact evaluation of its voter education campaign, and complete and disseminate a report. 

Promoting Open Discussions on Constitutional Reform in Paraguay

Centro de Estudios Judiciales

Supplement $33,000

To foster effective access to justice in Paraguay and to strengthen the Ministry of Justice’s capacity to coordinate with local governments. The organization will support the modernization process of the Ministry of Justice to justice by providing recommendations based on international standards and training the technical team on how to incorporate them. It will also map out existing mechanisms for the ministry’s coordination with local governments and lead it in efforts to strengthen access to justice at the municipal level. 

Promoting Rigorous Political Analysis in Paraguay

Centro Interdisciplinario de Investigacion Social – CIIS

Supplement $59,500

To promote rigorous political analysis in Paraguay and to strengthen the institutional capacity of the organization. The organization will expand the production of political analysis pieces and diversify the contributor base of its online publication  that disseminates articles and opinion pieces based on sound academic research but written for the public by a new generation of social scientists from Paraguay. It will also build new partnerships to reach larger audiences and develop internal policies for the organization.

Strengthening Political Participation of Women in Paraguay

Fondo de Mujeres del Sur


To strengthen the capacity of grassroots women’s organizations in Paraguay and to promote leadership and political opportunities for women from rural, indigenous, and urban low-income communities. The organization will carry out a training program for women leaders in their communities and organizations. It will also foster the leaders’ participation in an annual form and a regional meeting of women’s organizations from Paraguay, Argentina, and Bolivia.