Paraguay 2021

ReAccion Paraguay

ParaguaYOite: Youth and Accountability in Paraguay


To promote youth engagement and participation in accountability efforts in Paraguay and to foster more informed citizen participation and transparency in local elections. The organization will carry out its annual monitoring process of the use of public funds for education infrastructure with the support of youth groups and student volunteers and will promote the use of access to public information platforms. It will also conduct oversight of covid-19 emergency funds in this year. Additionally, it will carry out several activities to promote citizen understanding of local candidates’ policy proposals and emphasize the importance of transparency in electoral debates. The organization is run by young, talented, and energetic individuals committed to continuing this project despite the challenges presented by the pandemic.


Asociacion TEDIC- Tecnologia, Educacion, Desarrollo, Investigacion y Comunicacion

Mediation of Technology in Democratic Processes Strengthening Informed Citizen Participation in the Face of Technology Implementation in Paraguay


To promote informed electoral participation and foster electoral integrity in electronic voting in Paraguay. The organization will design and implement an awareness campaign on how to use electronic voting machines and the challenges that can arise. It will train journalists on how to cover digital rights aspects of the new voting system and conduct monitoring of the implementation of electronic voting on election day. The project will produce a report on Paraguay’s experience with electronic voting.


Parallax S.A.

Fostering an Independent Media Narrative


To foster an alternative and independent media narrative that tackles relevant social and political topics. Through its journalism, the grantee will promote discussions and debates around political and social issues including but not limited to gender, sexuality, human rights, and the environment. It will launch radio programming and prioritize audiovisual reporting to target a young audience to develop critical thinkers around these issues. Finally, it will strengthen its business model to become more financially sustainable.


Alma Cívica

Strengthening a New Generation of Political Leaders


To foster a new generation of political leaders at the local level. The organization will train 160 young candidates who ran for office in the 2021 municipal elections on democratic values, leadership, and local development policies and establish a national network of youth municipal leaders. The grantee will also provide additional mentorship and technical assistance to local officials in 15 municipalities to implement public policy initiatives and local development initiatives.



La Precisa 2.0: Supporting Youth-Oriented Fact-Checking


To promote access to verified, independent news and information. The organization will use its La Precisa platform to conduct fact checking on key issues including politics, elections, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The outlet will produce a weekly podcast, radio program, and infographics on the Latamchequea platform to expose and combat disinformation targeting youth audiences. In the lead up to the 2023 elections the organization will publish in depth candidate profiles to support an informed electorate.


Centro Interdisciplinario de Investigacion Social – CIIS

Better Leaders for a Better Democracy


To strengthen the capacity of local political leaders to diagnose citizen priorities and craft public policies. The organization will assist 200 young leaders who run for municipal office in 2021 by supporting them to identify local citizens’ priorities and develop public policies to address them. The organization will survey and analyze citizens’ concerns and support participants to craft policy responses. The organization will conduct case studies to strengthen their proposals and assist the leaders with communications campaigns surrounding their initiatives.


Centro Interdisciplinario de Investigacion Social – CIIS

Terere Cómplice: Promoting Rigorous Political Analysis


To promote rigorous political analysis and to strengthen the institutional capacity of the media outlet. The organization will publish political analysis pieces with diverse, non-partisan perspectives and expand the contributor base of its online publication written by a new generation of social scientists. The outlet will boost its national and regional profile through new alliances with think tanks, universities, and CSOs and develop a financial sustainability strategy.