Peru 2020

Civil Society Monitoring of the Judiciary Constitutional Reform

Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru


To foster civil society participation in the implementation of judiciary reform and to strengthen the credibility and independence of the judiciary through the advancement of transparency and best practices in the implementation of judiciary reform. The organization will foster civil society participation in the public appraisal of the performance of the National Justice Board (JNJ), especially in tackling corruption within the judiciary. The organization will hold workshops and conferences and write critical reports to provide technical assistance to the JNJ as needed.

Coordinating Efforts to Reduce Corruption in Peru

Centro de Estudios y Promocion del Desarrollo – desco


To foster transparency by coordinating civil society anti-corruption initiatives and to promote civil society participation in anti-corruption initiatives and activities at the national and international level.  The organization will consolidate and build capacity for a coalition of 30 civil society organizations, which will lead collective advocacy efforts for anti-corruption initiatives. This coalition will debate and formulate an anti-corruption agenda, to be proposed to the Peruvian government and hemispheric political forums and dialogues, including the IX Summit of the Americas.

Countering Corruption through Investigative Journalism

Asociacion de Periodismo de Investigacion Ojo Publico


To bolster government accountability and transparency by investigating potentially corrupt linkages between the public and private sectors and potential conflicts of interest between private sector conglomerates and public sector institutions; and to promote a model of sustainability for digital investigative journalism by spearheading a new model for sustainable journalism for digital media outlets in Peru. The organization will also continue its capacity building efforts for journalists in two regions of the country. 

Fostering the Transparency in the Use of Online Political Advertising



To bolster accountability and transparency on the use of online political advertisement; and to promote an improved legal framework regulating the use of personal data by political actors. The organization will investigate the current legal framework regarding the use of personal information for online political advertisement, and to discuss shortcomings of current regulations. The organization will subsequently advocate for legal reforms to address the challenge of online political advertisement.

Fostering Transparency through Investigative Journalism

Empresa Editora Milenio Sociedad Anonima Cerrada


To enhance the availability and quality of information on local politics, governance, and accountability issues in remote areas of Peru by creating a local media alliance; and to bolster government accountability and transparency by covering the 2021 electoral process from the perspectives of local digital media outlets.  The organization will support the creation of a network of regional traditional and digital media outlets that will report with independence on the electoral campaign and on candidates’ backgrounds and commitments during the 2021 general elections in six regions.

Fostering Transparent and Informed Vote and Policy Making

Consorcio de Investigacion Economica y Social


To build the capacity of political parties and future elected officials to formulate government plans and support informed decision making; and to improve the understanding of the general population on political party plans during the 2021 general elections. The organization will capacity of political parties to formulate government plans and support informed decision-making in electoral times, and to improve the knowledge of the general population on political party platforms during the 2021 general elections

Improving the Capacity of Journalists and Students to Support Corruption Investigations

Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru


To foster investigation on corruption cases and increase civil society and media attention on corruption through capacity-building of journalists and students in law and journalism; and to raise civil society awareness and build a regional working coalition on the links between gender violence and corruption. Capacity of local journalists and university students of law and journalism will be strengthened. Technical legal analysis on corruption investigation will be produced and disseminated. 

Increasing Citizen Awareness of Mass Corruption

Asociacion Convoca


To reinforce media coverage on corruption by building capacity and fostering networks of investigative journalists; and to disseminate reliable information on specific corruption cases generating pressure on public authorities to end impunity. The organization will foster networks of local investigative journalists in five regions to report on grand corruption in Peru, with a specific focus this year on the administration of justice. The organization will shed light on corrupt dealings and promote much needed institutional and pro-transparency reforms to tackle corruption.

Raising Awareness of Social Conflict and Human Rights Violations through Independent Media

Servicios Educativos Rurales

Supplement $60,000

To enhance the availability and quality of information on social conflicts in the Peruvian Andes, Amazonian, and Southern regions through a network of local correspondents and civil society organizations, and to foster alternative perspectives on the nature of social conflicts and promote productive dialogue. The organization will provide capacity building and technical skills to its network of local correspondents. This network will improve the public’s understanding of conflicts in rural areas, cover the 2021 electoral cycle and raise awareness about  covid-19 developments.

Strengthening the Political Representation of Traditionally Marginalized Groups

Ashanti Peru – Red Peruana de Jovenes Afrodescendientes


To coordinate and bolster the advocacy capacity of civil society organizations working with vulnerable populations; and to foster the design and adoption of a legislative agenda for equality and against discrimination. The organization will promote dialogues with parliamentarians, candidates during the 2021 elections, and public officials in five regions of Peru to bolster commitments to promote diversity. The organization will continue to strengthen advocacy and organizational capacity of leaders of vulnerable populations.