Peru 2021

Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya

Enhancing Efforts to Reduce Corruption and Impunity


To enhance the responsiveness of regional anti-corruption mechanisms in three regions in Peru. The organization will engage and build capacity for 75 public officials and social leaders in three of the most corrupt regions of Peru through an investigation and the development of an anti-corruption curriculum. The main goal of these workshops will be to leverage the legal obligation of regional governments to create Anticorruption Regional Commissions and regional plans for integrity. The organization will also provide tools and support for public officials and civil society engaged in furthering transparency and accountability. The organization is an applied research institute with recognized experience in capacity building efforts and anti-corruption expertise housed at a private university.


Centro de Estudios y Promocion del Desarrollo – desco

Participation of Peruvian Civil Society in Anti-Corruption Policies to Strengthen Democracy


To foster transparency by coordinating civil society anti-corruption initiatives; and to promote civil society participation in anti-corruption initiatives and activities at the regional, national, and international level.  Desco will consolidate and build capacity for a coalition of more than 100 civil society organizations, which will lead collective advocacy efforts for anti-corruption initiatives at the local and national level. This coalition will ultimately debate and formulate an anti-corruption agenda, to be proposed to the Peruvian government and international hemispheric forums.



Fostering the Transparency in the Use of Online Political Advertising


To bolster accountability and transparency on the use of online political advertisement; and to promote an improved legal framework regulating the use of personal data by political actors. The grantee will produce informative reports and engage citizens to actively oversee political parties’ use of personal data for electoral advertising. It will utilize public engagement and leverage its connections with journalists, policymakers, and regulatory authorities to advocate for legal reforms that improve transparency and strengthen personal data protections.


Consorcio de Investigacion Economica y Social

Strengthening Democratic Governance


To foster increased dialogue and cooperation between the executive and legislative branches; and to identify and promote institutional reforms that strengthen democracy, good governance, and political inclusion. The organization will meet with key members of Congress and the executive branch to identify, discuss, and agree on topics that will further political reform and strengthen democracy. The organization will establish working groups made up of congressional leaders and high-level officials from various cabinet ministries to further the agenda of institutional reform and good governance.


Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Civil Society Monitoring of the Judiciary Constitutional Reform


To foster civil society participation in the implementation of the judiciary reform; and to strengthen the credibility and independence of the judiciary through the advancement of transparency and best practices in the implementation of the judiciary reform. The organization will foster civil society participation in the public appraisal of the performance of the National Justice Board (JNJ), especially in tackling corruption within the judiciary. The organization will hold workshops and conferences and write critical reports to provide technical assistance to the JNJ as needed.


Empresa Editora Milenio Sociedad Anonima Cerrada

Promoting Transparency Through Independent News and Information


To enhance the availability and quality of information on local politics and governance and to promote accountability and transparency in remote areas of Peru by strengthening a local digital media alliance. The organization will support a network of regional media outlets that will produce independent reporting in 10 provinces. It will also promote investigative journalism in the provinces and train members of the network in investigative journalism techniques.